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Birthstone Reference Chart

In Indian Mythology or tradition the planets are incarnations of various deities. Mercury is Vishnu, Moon is Devi, and Mars is Hanuman or Kartikeya and so on. Whichever planet is the cause of disease, its praise in forms of mantras or stotras or Hawans etc. is said to the cure the disease. The approach is ritualistic in character.

Charity approach is based upon the fact that the planets have lordships over:

  • Certain Things, Certain Colours.
  • Certain Herbs.
  • Certain type of persons such as blinds, lepers, orphans, eunuchs, beggars, priests, birds, fish etc.

Gemmology is a scientific approach based on physical phenomenon such a rays, reflection, specific gravity, degree of hardness of gems etc. A weak planet either by placement in a sign or a house or afflicted is the cause of a disease. This weakness of the planet can be removed by wearing relevant gem, there by relieving the pain or malady.Sun- Ruby, gold; Moon- Pearl, silver; Mars- Coral, gold copper; Mercury- Emerald, gold; Jupiter- Topaz, or M.S gold; Venus- Diamond, silver; Saturn- Blue sapphire, steel; Rahu- Hassonite, panchdhatu; Ketu- Cat’s eye, panchdhatu; are the gems or metals for various planets

Semi precious alternatives such as garnet, zircon, amethyst, neeli etc. can also be worn with lesser results. Ideally the weight of the stone should be between 3.25 to 7.25 rattis. It can be worn as a ring, locket or amulet but one side of it should touch the body to give better results. It should be worn on appropriate week day in proper finger as per mounts.
If the proper weekday cannot be waited for, its hora or vaarvela should be preferred. Stones of inimical planet should not be worn touching each other. When the disease is result of more than one planet, then many stones can be worn keeping in view the preceding rule. The planet that don’t have their fingers, the stones be worn in friendly fingers. For heart troubles Ruby & Pearl are good.

The following table illustrates the metals and colors with substitute stones & nature of stones:

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