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Cat’s Eye(Lehsuniya)

Cat’s Eye(Lehsuniya)

It belongs to Chrysoberyl family. It is an aluminate of beryllium. Its hardness is 8.5 and specific gravity is 3.75 often, the name chrysoberyl is spoken in the same breath as that of the beryl group, the most well known representatives of which include the Emerald and the Aquamarine. Together with Alexandrite, chrysoberyl forms an independent gemstone category, in which the former, which appears to change its color, is regarded as the more attractive representative, though in fact it is quite definitely the chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye which is entitled to stake that claim.

Wearing of cat’s eye gives wealth and happiness of children, gives protection from enemies. Cat’s eye is a quick acting gemstone and should be worn after trial. The stone with the spots causes enemy trouble, with cracks causes injuries, with depression causes stomach disorder, opaque causes bad health, a web in the stone may send to prison. Cat’s eye is the gemstone recommended for Ketu; specifically chrysoberyl cat’s eye. The finest quality is called ‘Milk & honey’ as the stone is a honey color, with the eyes white, like milk. The darker varieties are generally a greenish body color and still very powerful in their effect. Dark, especially black imperfections should be strictly avoided in this stone (as with most others) as wearing such a stone can cause early demise, as several ancient text state. The source countries for cat’s eye are India, Burma, Sri Lanka and Brazil.

The stones are available in wide range & various sizes in form of Ring/Pendant. All stones are 100% lab certified and delivered with lab certificates:
Size Available: 5.25 Ratti (4.85 Carat) (Other sizes are also available on demand)
Metal: Ashtdhatu

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