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Are you planning to conceive or having a family now, Vedic astrology provides unique assistance to help you raise healthy, happy and wonderful children. You can consult an astrologer who can examine your 5th House and the planet Jupiter before prescribing appropriate remedies, you may have concerns about conception or the pregnancy period which can be a major cause & can be addressed for peace of mind. Vedic astrology also provides you insights on how to encourage, motivate, disciplined, educated and be watchful of your growing child.

If you have fertility and conception aspirations, we can examine the horoscopes of mothers-to-be & analyze the strength of supporting planets as indicated in the chart and make suggestions for relevant remedies.

In particular, we will examine the concerned planet to pinpoint any concerns related to fertility, conception, child birth or adopting a child.

If parents request for an overall report, we will look at the chart of the child and share the status about the best education options, health and even disciplinary approaches or behavioral patterns of your child. This enables you as a parent to foresee the coming future of your child and provide required support which suits your child’s character and talents.

You may be looking to light the candle of joy in your home and could have passed through many unconditional ways to fulfill your sweet dream or desire. But, if you are still not satisfied, you can obtain the divine help of Find My Peace, which may bring hope and fulfillment of becoming a mother. With the complete analysis of the planetary positions, your progeny report will point out details of your parenthood possibilities. It also suggests to you powerful Vedic remedies to clear complications in the conception and delivery process.

Remedial Process:

You can experience the effective Vedic remedies in the form of Hawans and Various special Pujas. Doing targeted remedies based on study of your planetary positions which can actually enhance your relationships with your children or improve your ability to add other children to your family

Once you place the order, you will get the pooja/ horoscope ebook in pdf via mail with in 5 working days.

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