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mars rahu conjunction - Home, find my peace
Untitled 2 1 - Home, find my peace

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Mr. Akash Sharma

Mr. Akash is a Senior Management Professional, Spiritual Leadership Trainer, Life Coach & Seasoned Entrepreneur with over 25 years of...

Ms. Katyayni Sharma

Katyayni is a young next door girl who has the passion to excel in the field of spiritual sciences. She is the youngest astrologer ...

Ms. Rakhi Sharma

Ms. Rakhi Sharma is a Senior Psychologist in the panel where we conduct Higher Brain Living & Mindfulness programs. She has over 10 years...

Dr. Namrata Gautam

Dr. Namrata is an M.D in Alternative Medicines & Health Counselor with specializations covering Food Therapy, Naturopathy, Acupressure, Sujok Therapy...

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