katyayni 300x249 - Ms. Katyayni Sharma, find my peaceKatyayni is a young next door girl who has the passion to excel in the field of spiritual sciences. She is the youngest astrologer in the panel and manages the entire digital marketing & operations of Find My Peace. She is excellent when it comes to predictive Astrology, She has a very calculative brain and a natural self expression of quickly analyzing the root problem in a horoscope. Trained and mentored under the supervision of Akash Sharma she is still an avid student and an ardent learner. She is a graduate from Amity University in interior architecture with a diploma in Vastu as a subject and currently doing various research programs in Astro Science and Remedial Astrology.

Mr. Akash Sharma Vedic Astrologer, Numerologist, Vastu Consultant & Parapsychologist

Consult at INR 499/- only

Ms. Katyayni Sharma Tarot/Angel Card Reader & Vastu Consultant

Consult at INR 750/- only

Ms. Rakhi Sharma Psychologist & Relationship Counselor

Consult at INR 1150/- only