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Student Report




Education is the process of cultivating completeness in human being. That implies knowledge, skill, ability and wisdom for Karmic and Dharmik life.
Jupiter and Mercury are the planets that govern achievements and success in our career. When these planets have a positive aspect influence on the 2nd House, 4th House and 9th House, then the native appears to be a meritorious student and will always perform with A+ grades. You can explore the student’s life struggles and potentials with the help of Vedic astrology. As a parent you can watch your children thrive in academia once proper remedies are done.

The knowledge of Vedic Astrology can illuminate the academic life of students who are aiming for excellence and educational success. Many parents have taken our services for analyzing their children’s charts to give them ideas about the right education opportunities & to choose the right career for illustrious success of their children.
During the analysis of your children’s chart we can take note of negative planetary aspects that can bring obstacles to academic performance such as:

  • Lethargic attitude
  • Distraction or Loss of Focus due to peer pressure
  • Social Addictions/ other bad addictions.
  • Dietary Issues

We will suggest appropriate and specific remedial measures to clear the ill effect that may be hindering a student’s educational progress.
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