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Physical Properties of Red Coral (Moonga)

Red Coral comes from a large family of small groups. Red Coral is hard like a carving bone. Red coral usually is of bright colour and rarely fades. Rare Red Coral grows in the deep ocean often with the mystery. The main corals defined as “red coral” are the species Corallium rubrum and Corallium japonicum, which do not form reefs. Corals are another organic gems produced by very small life forms that gets settled in the depths of warm seas in vast colonies.

There are varieties of Corals. Coral gemstones occur in colours like white, pink, orange, red, blue, violet, and black. The ones that are mainly used in jewelery are Red Corals, Pink Coral and White Corals.
Coral is mainly dusky & it may have surface markings which we can see clearly. Some common markings are wood grain effect.

Coral is normally fragile and more brittle than the other gems. It measures on the 3.5 Mohs scale. Corals get damaged if they immersed in water for too long. Coral is taken from coral trees that are created in cold ocean waters by tiny living creatures called Polyps. The best of these red corals are found in Japan and Italy. Coral is the gem associated to the planet Mars which is also known as Mangal in ancient Hindu Astrology. Mars is the prince among all the planets. If one wears the Red Coral, it can reduce the hurdles caused due to the malefic position of Mars. Coral is not mined just like Pearl. According to astrological point of view, Mars is the lord of Coral which is the son of ‘Prithvi’. Its harmful position results in cruelness and anger to the native. Wearing red coral reduces bad effects of Mars and often worn by unmarried girls to get married.

Uses in astrology:

Red coral is a stone that has to be suggested with caution. While coral can be suggested where that planet is beneficial and favorable. The same cannot be used to ward off its evil effects as perceived by many. Red coral is the gem stone of Mars. Coral should be worn by a person in whose birth chart Mars is lord of an auspicious house. If Mars is lord of the inauspicious house in a birth chart,it will be harmful for the native to wear Red Coral.

  • For the Aries ascendant Mars is lord of the ascendant. The person with this ascendant should wear coral all his life.
  • For Taurus ascendant Mars is lord of 12th and 17th house. Therefore the native of this ascendant should avoid wearing coral.
  • For Gemini ascendant Mars is the lord of the 6th and 11th house. According to Parashar Mars is not an auspicious planet for the Gemini ascendant.
  • For Cancer ascendant Mars being lord of the 5th a trine and 10th house quadrant is avery auspicious planet. If it is worn always by the native of this ascendant they will be blessed with children.
  • For Leo also wearing Red coral will be followed by the same beneficial result as in the case of Cancer.
  • For Virgo Ascendant Mars is lord of the 3rd and 8th house and is a great functional malefic for this ascendant.
  • For the Libra ascendant Mars is the Lord of two death inflicting houses the 2nd and the 7th Moreover, Mars is an enemy of Venus, lord of this ascendant.
  • For Scorpio ascendant Mars is lord of the ascendant .But his lordship of the ascendant will prevails over the lordship of the sixth house. The Red Coral will be beneficial to native in the same manner as for the Aries ascendant.

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