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Yellow Sapphire(Pukhraj)

Yellow Sapphire(Pukhraj)

Yellow variety of corundum is called yellow sapphire. It was formerly known as ‘Oriental Topaz’. Yellow Sapphire may occur in wide range of colors, from pale to canary yellow, gold, honey and brownish yellow. The lighter brighter colors are most common. It is distinguishable due to its luster and inclusions.

Yellow sapphire (pushparag) is the stone ruled by Jupiter. It should heavy, smooth, transparent, clean, flawless, without spots and it should have the hue of yellow kandeer flower. It becomes more radiant when rubbed on the testing stone. A yellow sapphire with spots, dull, rough, blackish tinge, uneven surfaces, asymmetrical is not good. This metamorphic stone is found among the granite, nice and pametite stone. According to Indian belief white pukhraj belongs to Brahmin class, rosy one to Kshatriya class, Vaishya is yellow one and belonging to shudra has blackish hue. The sapphire ruled by Jupiter is yellow in color. If unblemished gives wealth, longevity, fame and blesses with children and grand children.

Girls get married early if they wear yellow sapphire. Yellow sapphire with cracks causes threats, one without lustre and transparency creates enemies, disharmony in family, milky stone invites injuries, one with the web causes stomach disorders. One with black and white colors is harmful for the cattle of the wearer, one with red dots destroys wealth, and the stone with a depression causes anxiety and disturbs peace of mind.

Yellow sapphire is the gemstone recommended to be worn for Jupiter, therefore, the yellow sapphire will radiate the qualities of generosity, wisdom and compassion. It serves to strengthen the jupiterian energy and attract the energies ruled over by Jupiter. Many times a change is effected in financial status within a short period of time. It serves to bring material abundance and prosperity, as well as a more philosophical outlook on life. Those that practice meditation find that in wearing the yellow sapphire, their ability to concentrate increases, thereby magnifying the; peace and joy reaped from such spiritual discipline. Physically it can raise levels of energy, help to gain needed body weight and to strengthen the overall immune system. It also strengthens the liver and respiratory system. It also pacifies anger and lunacy.

Yellow sapphire should be clear to the eye and of a lemony yellow to golden yellow color. It is commonly heat treated to make it more saleable to the public, although many people have never seen nor heard of one. If heated it gets a darker orange gold or brownish yellow color and this material is useless, for its inherent potencies have been destroyed in the heating process. Occasionally a very few untreated yellow sapphires are found in a much more intense, extremely deep color that can almost look treated, but an expert gemologist can tell the difference. To differentiate yellow sapphire from other stones their specific gravity will have to be measured.

It is best set in rings or pendants of yellow gold and, if in a ring, is best worn on the forefinger (next to the thumb). It may also be worn on the ring finger (next to the smallest finger).There are several sources of yellow sapphires including Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Australia and Africa ,but the only place that seems to produce enough natural (unheated) material consistently is Sri Lanka. Yellow topaz or Citrine quartz may also be substituted for yellow sapphire, although the potency is less. The important thing is to take advantage of the powers of gems according to your own means. If worn properly ,with faith and determination, achievements of desired effects will come about quickly.

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Metal: Ashtdhatu

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