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In Sanskrit the word “Rudra” stands for Lord Shiva and the word “Aksha” means tears. Lord shiva‘s tears fell on earth during his time of meditation. After they touch the earth immediately those tears converted into Rudraksh (A kind of Fruit). It is a belief that after wearing Rudraksh the native gets the special blessings of Lord Shiva and Godess Parvati. There are various types of Rudraksh available with us. Choose the one which suits you:

RudrashiIdeal for Mental peace and Peace at homeReduces Curse. Increases wealth. Attractive personality (Ideal for people who wants to enjoy divine pleasures of life)

Rudraksh Mukh Diety Importance
Ek Mukhi Shiv Ideal For acquiring wealth. Fulfilling desires. Child. Prevents untimely death. Overall well being
Dwi Mukhi Parvati Secured pregnancy. Release tension. Good for auspicious (manglik) events. (Good for females)
Tri Mukhi Saraswati Good for studies. Concentration. Knowledge & Sharp Mind (Ideal for students)
Chaturmukhi Brahma Ideal for good health. Blessings from deities (People often drink its water to improve health)
Panchmukhi Rudrashiv Ideal for Mental peace and Peace at home
Shasht Mukhi Mahalakshmi Ideal for increased wealth. Business Prosperity. Success. Honour (Good for people in service & business)
Sapt Mukhi Saptrishi Success. Honour in society. Business victory
Asht Mukhi Bhairav Reduces Ego. Peace at Home. Stable mind (Ideal to control anger)
Nav Mukhi Durga Self strength. Increased Learning capacity. Increased Knowledge (Ideal for lethargic & low confidence people)
Das Mukhi Dasavatar To become Famous. Public Image. Social status(Ideal for people in the field of entertainment; Politics & Social work)
Ekadas Mukhi Indra Reduces Pain. Blissful for childless people (Ideal for childless females & old age parents)
Dwadas Mukhi Sun Ideal for people who has weak and lean body. Sudden troubles. Mental unrest.
Triyodas Mukhi Kamdev Reduces Curse. Increases wealth. Attractive personality (Ideal for people who wants to enjoy divine pleasures of life)
Chaturdas Mukhi Bhuvneshwar Fullfilling desires. safety shield. Auspicious. saves from evil (Lord Hanuman)
Gauri Shankar Shivshakti Wealth. Fulfilling desires. Growth in business. Fame and honour. sharp mind (Ideal for bondage with family and love)
Ganesh Rudraksh Ganesha Sarva Siddhi. Growth in business. auspicious for traders. (Ideal to keep in safe; almirah or Devotion place.
Simha Rudraksh Shiva Nandi Best in all rudraksh. Highly auspicious (Gives blessings of all rudraksh if worn)
Kamlaksh Laxmi Narayan Ideal to acquire rare blessings (gives results within 40 days of use)

We have various varieties of FMP certified Rudraksh available in our store. You can select and order your desired Rudraksh instantly. We have a facility of online purchase or cash on delivery.

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