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Kaal Sarp Dosha




As per the vedic astrology, when all the planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu, it is known as Kala Sarpa. If the planets are moving towards Ketu, it is Kala Sarpa yoga and if the planets are moving towards Rahu, it is Kala Sarpa dosha.

The planet Rahu denotes the serpent’s head and Ketu is considered its tail. These two shadow planets are formed because of the rotation and revolution of the earth. The Earth’s revolution around the Sun and Moon’s revolution around the Earth leads to a formation where the Sun and Moon are both on the opposite sides of the earth. These two ends (shadows) are termed as Rahu and Ketu. This placement is thereby considered harmful as all the planets are under the influence of the serpent and thus lose their positive impact to a large extent. People under such influence are unlucky and face delays and problems in performing important tasks.

If the Lagnesh or Moon is not in the axis and all the planets are in between Rahu and Ketu, it is also Kala Sarpa yoga, even though the planets are moving towards Rahu.

Kala Sarpa Yoga is most of the times genetic, which means that it will be passed on from one generation to another through the DNA. Further, there is a critical age associated with Kala Sarpa yoga. Which is almost 33 Years. At this age an important reversal of fortune occurs. For example, if up to the age of 33, you have suffered miseries in your life then after this age, success will start to come to you unexpectedly and in major ways or vice versa like If in your starting years you had noteworthy success in all forms of life then you may experience difficulties and hurdles which may halt your success & progress after the age of 33.

Kala Sarpa yoga or dosha in ancient era is believed to occur when either you or your ancestors have killed or harmed snakes instead of respecting and worshiping them in previous birth. It’s generally believed that the presence of Kala Sarpa Yoga weakens the chart of the native. But in sharp contrast, there are many world famous leaders and celebrities who have had this yoga. In reality, what this yoga shows is the development of certain strengths at the expense of others.

As we are aware that if all the planets are locked under Rahu and Ketu, it is called Kala Sarpa dosha. The people who were born during this period may not get benefits especially when it is during Rahu or Ketu Dasha or transit. If appropriate remedies are followed it will bless the natives with all the benefits and take them to unexpectedly higher positions.

Some common effects of Kala Sarpa dosha:

The Individual might experience any one of these:

1) Fear and insecurity
2) Mental unrest
3) Financial hurdles
4) Problems in progeny
5) Chronic ailments
6) Sudden fall in wealth and reputation
7) Mismatch in opportunities and your age.
8) Feeling dependant
9) Hardly meeting any expectations
10) Children disrespect you
11) Problems in relationships
12) Discontented in most areas of life
13) Unstable Career
15) Fear of heights- Acrophobia


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