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Maha Mrityunjaya Pooja




Maha Mrityunjaya Pooja is a life saving pooja which helps in the recovery process of a person who is nursing an illness. It acts as a shield for an ailing person. This pooja can be performed remotely for you by our learned purohits (priests) upon request.

Significance of Maha Mrityunjaya Pooja

Maha Mrityunjaya pooja is ideally performed when a person is seriously ill. It helps in the recovery process. Lord Shiva, who is the god of death and believed to decide the life span of each and every living thing on earth, is worshipped along with the Planet Sun who denotes your existence and growth. This pooja can gives you great results if you wish to have a struggle free and happy life. The mantra recited during the Maha Mrityunjaya pooja, also known as ‘Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap’, is considered to bring positive energies to your body forming a protective shield for the native. It protects the native from calamities, accidents, mishaps and even ill health.
The Maha Mrityunjaya pooja can be performed in two different forms – A laghu Maha Mrityunjaya pooja, which involves a short procedure, and a complete Maha Mrityunjaya pooja. Depending upon the severity of the native’s case, one can decide the pooja that you wish to do. The materials and procedure to do both the poojas are the same, however, the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra that is recited for each type varies in length. A total number of 1,25,000 mantras are recited in this pooja.

Why is Maha Mrityunjaya pooja performed?

Maha Mrityunjaya pooja/homam is considered to be one of the most powerful poojas performed to enhance the longevity of one’s life. The deity who is mainly worshipped during this pooja is Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is believed to protect his devotees from all threats that a human being can have. A Maha Mrityunjaya pooja has proved to be quite effective for people who have performed this ritual. The mantras recited during this pooja are considered to be lifesaving as it exerts power to the person reciting it or to whose well-being this pooja is performed.

How does Find My Peace perform Maha Mrityunjaya Pooja?

In today’s day & age, we understand that location & time constraints do not permit everyone to visit the auspicious locations on the prescribed days to perform the much required Pooja’s & rituals. Our Pooja Service is a unique opportunity that allows you to have the ritual performed at these auspicious locations as per traditional requirements. We arrange for the Pundits and the required “samagri” (pooja items). Once you buy your Pooja e-book we book your pooja by providing your Name, Gotra (family lineage) and Sankalp (resolution), your request will be performed by our Pundits on your behalf remotely. After the Pooja, you will be sent the Prasad (ritualistic offering/blessing) kit.
Note: All Pooja’s are performed free of cost with the purchase of Pooja ebook.

Cost for the Pooja ebook includes the following:

  • All the materials needed for the Pooja that normally includes coconut, beetle leaves, fruits, flowers, ghee, prasad, sweets, hawan kund samagri etc.
  • Food or Anna Dan given to the Brahmins/ Purohits who perform this Pooja.
  • Vastra Dan or clothes given to the Brahmins at the end of the Pooja.
  • Dakshina or the Fees given to the Brahmins for performing Pooja.
  • Items that are sent to you as “Prasadam” from this Pooja, inclusive of shipping charges.

Once you place the order, you will get the pooja/ horoscope ebook in pdf via mail with in 5 working days.

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