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March 22, 2020 Clapping for our heroes

Clapping for our heroes

Clapping at 5 pm

hqdefault 300x225 - Clapping for our heroes, find my peaceAs we all are aware already from various sources that our prime minister has asked us to thank medical staff all over the country,by various actions like clapping in the balconies, standing ringing bells, create utensil beating sound and whistling etc at 5 pm today outside our houses.

In order to show our gratitude towards them for their unmatched service with corona virus. Working day and night and even staying away from their families in these tough times.

This is a very interesting concept as astrologers know how science and astrology are closely related. During this time the  moon is passing to  rewati nakshtra.

The ringing sounds of bells and clapping will produce positive vibrations which are beneficial for blood circulation in the body. It is a scientific approach towards tackling this menace.

Huge bells are put up in temples at mountains which when rung , create positive vibrations all over. We are sure someone very knowledgeable is guiding our prime minister in this matter and we hope that really works in our fight against corona virus.

Today is Amavasya i.e. the darkest day of the month with no moon. During this time the evil forces, viruses and bacteria’s are very powerful. By doing this gesture at 5 pm, Indians will create very powerful vibrations which will surely make virus loose it’s potency over coming period of time.

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Come lets be a part of this effort because even a smallest of effort can help us in a big way.

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