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GO SINGLE! 30 Trips to take in India while you are Single & Open for Anything !

Well, it’s become really hard to kill the butterflies in the stomach when you hear the word ‘Vacations’. So what is holding back your feet and desires? You can always prefer to explore the beauty of India, over any other country. Trust us, nothing is much more beautiful than India. It is a land full of culture, architecture, beauty and breath-taking views. Why to visit to any other country when you can enjoy everything in one place? Explore everything from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and get the feel of heaven on earth.

Every state of India is full of lots of adventures and fun things to do, which can stuff your camera with sweet memories. You will find the inner peace while travelling alone, visiting different places, trying new things and talking to different people. Just pack your bag and go out with a map of India, we have your things-to-do-list with us.

1) Explore a new world of Mawlynnong


Mawlynnong is a village in the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. What must be there in a village, which make it so important to visit? Well, don’t be shocked, but this village won the title of the cleanest village in Asia in 2003. Yes, there is a place in India which will wake up the traveller and lover in you.

There are no words to describe the natural beauty of this village, whether it be mountains or natural bridges, nothing can beat this village on the barometer of exquisiteness. This place has 100% literacy rate, people are so humble and they normally use English to talk to each other. There are many small tea shops at the different corners of the road of this village, which will offer you best tea in the world with some lip-smacking snacks.

2) Groove with the Ziro Festival


Visiting the seven sisters at any time is like a trip to the conscience of nature with the beautiful flora and fauna offered by them. Throw in some jazz-pop music with shining lights and you are all set for a ride to the once-in-a-lifetime experience. And all this is being offered by the Ziro festival in the Ziro valley of Arunachal Pradesh.

Founded in 2012 by Bobby Hano and Menwhopause guitarist Anup Kutty, it is one of the largest outdoor music festivals by independent artists, bands and musicians showcasing their rare music styles and tastes. Trek your way to the Ziro valley or enjoy a beautiful road trip with your friends, Ziro music festival is no doubt a groovy catch!

3) Paddling away in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary


Where to go if you are one of those people always looking around for the rare birds to catch your eyes? The place that shouts out loud for a visit from you people is the ‘Bird Paradise’ of India, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. The magical land comprising of grasslands, woodlands, woodland swamps and wetlands is a home to thousands of species of animals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, etc.

A ride on the bicycle around this place is like being surrounded by all the wonders the nature has to offer in the purest form. Being in their company is a way to look into your own self. A world heritage site of Rajasthan, Bharatpur bird sanctuary calls out to fly away with those that live there!

4) Sky high paragliding in Bir Billing


Want to overcome your always-been-there fear of heights? Try the paragliding experience in Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh. Taking off at an altitude of 8000 feet above sea level gives you a high that will never wear off for the rest of your life. The perfect combination of adventure, sport and soul-searching, paragliding is more than just being really -really high.

This experience of half an hour can be lived alone or with a pilot while you just indulge in the peace and the beauty of your surroundings. It’s a completely safe aero-sport with the best pilots and trainers offering their services in Bir. For those with a lust to do something out of ordinary, paragliding at Bir is a must on their to-do list!

5) Trekking on the way to Malana Village


To clear the obvious doubt, no, we’re not talking about ‘Manali’! Manala is a small village in the foothills of Himachal Pradesh near the village, Kasol. A lesser-known place, Manala, offers a beautiful path for all the trekking-crazed fans. Manala is 21 Km away from Kasol. And from there on, the real trekking starts, a beautiful journey from the river to the hills.

It might seem a bit risky, but nothing a good pair of trekking shoes won’t be able to handle! Trekking is not about the destination like other tourist places. Rather, it’s the journey that is most remarkable. Sweating your way to Manala village, where outsiders are deemed ‘untouchables’, be prepared for a back trek to your hotel!

6) Fly High in the Hot Air Balloon at Pushkar Camel Festival


‘I always wanted to fly’. A statement said by almost everyone in their childhood. To make your dream come true, be ready to spread your wings as the hot air balloon in Pushkar fair, Rajasthan takes you up and up, offering a mesmerizing view of the holy city of Hindus.

A feeling of being at the top and the ability to be able to see all at once makes everything look different. A different perspective offered by this one hour journey in the middle of nowhere is the one that you’ll never forget. As the clouds take you in and the wind blows you up, you become a part of something new, something that is pure and will always be your safe haven.

7) Complete Psytrance at Parvati Peaking Festival, Kasol


Are you a fan of those classic Psytrance beats and raving music? If so, then Parvati Peaking Festival is calling out to you from the hills of Kasol, Himachal Pradesh. An off -beat Psytrance festival, this offers a wide range of solo artists, musicians with their rare art and culture to literally put you in a trance.

Running successfully for years, it creates an edgy-hippy atmosphere with the peace offered by music in the womb of the large mountains all around. In the cocoon of nature with your favorite live music to thrill you, Parvati Festival enraptures you, luring you in for the next time. Visit once and see if you fall off in a musical trance or not!

8) Get the feel of Aarti in Varanasi


There is nothing more beautiful and mesmerizing than the Ganga Aarti at Dashaswamedh Ghat near Kashi Vishwanath Temple. People travel miles just to get the lovely feeling, it seems like all are inviting nature to spread positivity and power. The Aarti is performed in a well-choreographed style by the young and noble looking priests, who are the students of the Vedas and Upanishads.

The Aarti starts with the melodious chanting of prayers, which will be followed by the soothing sound of conch shell, which will fascinate the sky to dance and celebrate the moment. Some people will appear with multi-tiered lamp, having more than hundred diyas, which will give you the feel of stars on earth.

9) Stay in Jawai Leopard Camp, Rajasthan


Stretch yourself in the company of the cunning cats of Rajasthan at the Jawai Leopard Camp, Rajasthan. The place offers a luxurious experience with the adventurous roller coaster ride that includes leopard sightseeing, exceptional bird watching and the rare sightings of fantastic wild beats.

If you are in for an affluent getaway and a love for animals resides in you, then it’s a place to go to. Scary wild safaris or a bicycle ride in and around the area offers you a mind boggling experience in the company of the wild animals. Multi cuisine food and crazy genres of music around the warm bonfires with a feel of the wild red eyes all around you gives a pleasure in threat that is impossible to replicate!

10) Stargazing at Indian Astronomical Observatory, Ladakh


Oh, how you miss those shiny, sparkling specks in the night sky when it’s cloudy! Love the stars? They might not be in your reach, but here at Hanle site in Leh, the dream to be within the stars seem to come true. Currently the keeper of two telescopes, namely the Himalayan Chandra telescope and the High altitude Gamma-ray telescope, it is one of the best places to witness the wonders of the stars.

Located 17,746 above sea levels, this place offer the minimum artificial light so you could truly experience the vastness of these stars. A treat to the eyes and an everlasting peace to the mind, the stars you see will be embedded in the light of your soul!

11) Stuff your tummy at a Punjabi Dhaba


Food of Punjab? Already the images of ‘makke ki roti’ and ‘sarso ka saag’ must be swimming in your mind! But the rich culture of Punjab offers richer food. Not talking about the luxurious five-star hotels here, a simple Dhaba is go to place in Punjab. Be it the famous ‘amritsari naan’ or a big glass full of ‘lassi’, food at a dhaba is mouth-watering.

The very loving dhaba cooks and waiters make you feel at ease as if you have known them for years. The food full of riches, butter or ‘desi makkhan’, take the food to a whole new level. While you come out licking your fingers, be prepared to fight off that fat you gain from the food there!

12) Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh


Yes, the reference is for the very obvious adventure-recreational sport at Rishikesh, Bungee jumping. If you are in for an experience that will make you aware of each particle of your body, with the adrenaline rushing through your entire body, go for bungee jumping. A single jump with full safety, chords tied to your ankles, this might prove to be the best jump of your entire life.

Overcome your fear, close your eyes and just take the jump from the platform over a rocky hill overlooking the river Hall, a tributary of River Ganga. Rishikesh is famous for providing the best recreational sports, bungee jumping being one of them. Feel the high of 83 meters as you jump towards your destination!

13) On the trail of the Tiger at Bandhavgrah Wildlife Safari


When we hear about wildlife our mind captures the images of Jungles and wildlife. Safari Region is alienated into three safari zones i.e. Tala zone (Gate-1), Magadhi zone (Gate-2) and Khitauli zone (Gate-3). To aggrandize experience of the Jungle tour you must carry caps, sunglasses, water, binoculars and of course good quality of camera to capture best memories that you can show to your friends. The most prominent vehicles are jeeps and canters.

Two safaris are offered to globetrotter i.e., morning safaris and afternoon safaris. You can refresh yourself by refreshments in between but the beauty of this safari will let you forget refreshments. Naturalists are always there to guide you, re-energize you and to hear you.

14) Mountain biking from Leh to Manali


It is not touristy, but it is an event for cyclists. Some ways are toughest, some are paranormally beautiful. You will pass through Rohtaang, Baralachha La the loopiest roads. Well, hold on! You will find yourself in paradise when you see Moray plains. Chandra-Bhaga and Indus rivers are adorning beauties to this paradise.

This beauty can’t define in words. Leh-Mnali cycling tour is one of the most onerous expeditions, but it will provide you true grit and passion that will enhance your sense of fulfillment.  You will have 550 Kms to cover under this tour package. You will find a tint of orange, brown and red color in the land. Well, you might face some painful situation as the days are hot here and the nights are freezing, but that will be a different experience in itself.

15) Erudition about Hornbill Festival, Nagaland


Hornbill is becoming prophesy festival in India. Are you having fond of eating spicy? Then you will win the chilly eating competition in Hornbill Festival. The pork-eating competition is the most prevalent in this festival. Naga Wresting Competition is most popular among foreign tourist. Last year Narendra Modi had visited Hornbill Festival and blessed this festival with his words of wisdom.

North Eastern states are enthusiastically attending and enjoying this festival with zest. India is moving towards modernization, but you will find Naga people following their tradition fortunately. Hornbill festival is of about 1 week and these days are full of dancing, coloring, eating, drinking, folk music and what not. Dear traveler, you can’t hold your seat, take your bags and color your mind with wonderful colors of Kohima.

16) African Indian Siddi Sanskriti, Gujarat

Source: foto_morgana – Flickr

The skin tone is dark and face is painted with white, red and blue color. They wear tiger print cloths, lives in Jungles, eats animals roasted on fire. We are not talking about Africa, we are talking about Siddi tribes living in heart of Gujarat Jambur. Their main occupation is of tourist guides, shop keeping, and farming. Their language is jumble of Konkani, Marathi and Gujarati.

These primitive tribes have 300 years of history. Dhamal dance is a favorite dance form among tourist. Today is the era in which most Siddique is speaking Afro-English accent due to modernization in these areas. It is the place where you find an African culture among Indian living in Gujarat.

17) Hitchhiking in 43⁰C heat of Rajasthan


Hitchhiking, no doubt it is painful, louder and tougher than any other tours. You may find unusual conditions like sweating, miles of walking and hunger. You will find deserted yourself as you will not get vehicles and you will be walking, walking and walking. If your luck supports then you will get the help of some jeeps, camel riders and local rickshaws.

The map of Rajasthan will surely help you in digging out your way. But does it all going to stop you? No, because you are a traveler and you have guts to explore the world at your feet. Just forget everything and try this out, you will get wonderful hospitality from local people and don’t forget to have a taste of delicious Rajasthani food.

18) Bike trip to Dhanushkodi

Source: George Aikara

Rameswaram is one of the Dham among Char Dham, which will make you fall in love with the aura of nature. Dhanushkhodi is a town near to Rameswaram, which has the beauty of pine forest and shrubs. Now, just imagine you are riding a bike in the beautiful saffron morning with the melodious sounds of birds, getting goosebumps? So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag, obviously, light weight that you can carry on your back with comfort and make your way to this wonderful place.

This experience will definitely thrill your heart and soul. We bet you will have a tremendous riding experience with zero breakdowns. Don’t forget to have a delicious breakfast and a tea as refreshment agents.

19) A grand visit to India Pakistan Border, Jaisalmer


It is worth giving a thought that what a person will do at the India Pakistan Border. Well, the situation is different in this case. It is around 115 kilometres away from Jaisalmer and trust us, you will find yourself in the lap of the desert. You will be having a great welcome by Indian Army and they can also show you some good places there.

You will need some verified documents and identity proofs before visiting this place. You will find many temples nearby to the border, which are unique in their own way. There is a beautiful temple Tanot Mata Mandir, which is very famous, as once Pakistani army tried to destroy the structure with bombs, but none of the bomb exploded there. This place is famous for its religious and spiritual essence.

20) Khimsar, a magnificence veiled amongst the dunes


There is no place better than Khimsar to do justice to your journey along the old countryside roads. Having access only through jeep, camel or horseback, the Khimsar Fort appears out of nowhere in the desert and leaves you spell bound with its majestic demeanour.

The eternal place, being the habitat of as many as forty-six varieties of birds, is conferred with ‘NATIONAL GRAND HERITAGE AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE’, the highest authority endowed by the Department of Tourism, Government of India. The grandeur of the golden sunset awaits you, as you come back from jeep safari into the black buck reserve and take a sip of tea in lush green gardens surrounded by a benevolent mini lake.

21) Trek to Siachen Glacier with the Indian Army


Do you want to trek one of the highest, coldest and toughest field in the world? Or do you want to dream adventure junkies in minus 50 degrees Celsius?  This peril place is an eastern Karakoram Range of the Himalayan Mountains. The Indian Army conducts 13 day trek program for the one who loves such a thrill expedition.

This field of fire and ice will freeze you and your soul, which will finally make you happy at the end. The trek will begin from Leh at an altitude of about 12,000 feet above from the sea level. The length of the trek is about 60 kilometres, which you will have to cover in 13 days. Don’t wait! Apply for this Siachen Trek now and clear the procedure of training.

22) Valley of Flowers, a trek beautified with flowers of every color imaginable


A monsoon trek that accompanies with itself, the spirituality of the sacred Hemkund Sahib, the colorful carpet of splendid flowers and the majesty of snow clad mountains. The trek surrounded by the lush green lawns beholding the magnificence of rare, picturesque flowers is a botanists’ delight.

The easy to moderate trek, not requiring any prior high altitude trekking experience, surely makes it the requisite location to travel, either with friends or family. There is a steep climb from Ghangria at 9.842 ft to Hemkund Sahib at 14,100 ft. This part of the trek is quite effortful. Being a monsoon trek, keep a poncho and a backpack cover handy to avoid wet clothes.

23) An enthralling cruise to the ever enchanting Andaman


A cruise that deserves to be on the top of your bucket list. A journey that will make you fall in love with it, giving tough competition to even the destination in terms of pleasance, amiability and elegance. Sail through the beautiful Bay of Bengal and wake up the next day to witness the breathtaking sunrise, making its avenue through the sparkling water.

Quench the thirst of the photographer inside you and capture the most breath-taking shots ever, sure to be soon turned into your laptop’s wallpaper. Relish the zestful delicacies at your disposal and indulge in various fun filled activities, hand-picked to turn your journey into a memory that will always stay close to your heart.

24) A visit to the ever vibrant land of the Royal Bengal Tiger, Sunderbans


A keen eye, a chunk of patience and a favor of the stars, these are the prerequisites to spot the majestic, Royal Bengal Tiger. But Sunderbans, inscribed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site has much more under its hood to offer.  Being the home of the Royal Bengal Tigers, crocodiles, pythons, monkeys and more than 260 species of birds, it effortlessly becomes the wildlife enthusiasts’ first priority.

Savour the hikes on the dry lands during the daytime, rejoicing the rich wildlife and clicking splendid shots, discharging even the last bit of your memory card. Abstain yourself from visiting this place in the monsoons to prevent yourself wet lands and almost non-existent tourism.

25) Open your wings in Deesa, Gujarat


Everyone has that desire to fly in the sky. If there is something like this with you too, then go to Deesa and try out Skydiving. Don’t be scared, they will give you the training of two days and you can explore the sky on the third day. They have all the equipment and procedures which will vanish out your fear and you can have a ride with birds.

You only have to carry a water bottle, loose clothes and shoes with you, otherwise everything will be provided by the organizers. This place is only three hours away from Ahmedabad, which is well connected by buses, cabs and many more vehicles. It has been more than two years, The Sports Authority of Gujarat is organizing Skydiving camps in Deesa with the India Parachuting Federation.

26) Get your heart pounding at White Water Rafting at Kolad


Rafting, a sport that encompasses excitement, relaxation and team work altogether. Unlike every other rafting experience, Kolad has much more to offer to the rafting enthusiasts. The adrenaline level will shoot like never before, defining the whole new meaning of frenzy! Kundalika River’s 14 kilometres stretch of exciting rapids will provide one and a half hours white water rafting.

Situated in the backdrop of the majestic Sahyadris, the beautiful Sutarwadi Lake in Kolad is just like heaven for bird watchers. Seek the blessings of Lord Shiva from an ancient temple located in Gaimukh village, in Bhandra district of Maharashtra. Expecting a really wonderful experience? Need a pro tip? Visit during the monsoon season to reap the maximum benefit.

27) Learn how to go with the flow at Ashwem Beach, Goa


This place will break all your stereotypes regarding surfing. A location no better than this exists for the surfing rookies. Learn how to surf like a pro by registering yourself with the Banana School that operates from November to March.

A lesson lasts for about two hours, followed by drill and then riding the waves off the coast. Hire an experienced trainer, get yourself clicked as you catch a dozen unforgettable waves from the very first lesson. And when you will show your pictures to your buddies, trust me, no one will ever believe that it was your first time.

28) Be a part of the exotic Snake Boat Race in Kerala


One trip is all that takes to realize the opulence and contentment offered by the backwaters of Kerela. What can be more exciting than a ship tearing apart the silences of the sea? The eminent snake boat race has a plethora of jaw dropping excitement and ever memorable euphoria to offer.

Each boat, representing a village, is the pride breath and pride of village folks. The Nehru Trophy boat race, held on the second Saturday of August every year, is the most popular of all boat races. Plan your trip according to the schedule of the races and carry loads of memory at your departure.

29) Witness the wonderful skiing experience at the breath-taking Auli


Auli, surrounded by the enchanting Garwhal Mountains is heaven for skiing lovers. The slopes are located at an almost 2500-3000 ft. altitude, promising a great skiing experience for the beginner as well as the professional skiers. The clean surroundings and the glittering slopes are just like a cherry on the cake.

Once the training ground of the Parliamentary forces, the snowcapped peaks of Auli, is rated as one of the best skiing locations by French and Australian skiers. This place promises a lot of adventure sports and an ancient cultural paradise. Being connected to Joshimath by a 3.5 km long cable car, Auli promises an excellent panoramic view of the mountain peaks like Nanda Devi and Dronagiri.

30) Feel free in the streets of Spiti Valley


The uncharted cold mountains of Spiti, the neighbor of Ladakh has much more to offer than just the scenic beauty. Visit the 1000 year old monasteries, savour the provincial delicacies, honor the imperial culture located at a place that promises resplendent star trail for the photography enthusiasts.

Leave the worries of the hectic city life and be a shepherd and herd the sheep on the land inhabited by the friendliest people. This place is the best location for the travellers who love unplanned trips, as most of the guest houses don’t have online booking facilities and the buses don’t have a proper time table.

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