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August 4, 2020 Happy & Blissful Birthday  To  ”Ms. Un-Conventional”

Happy & Blissful Birthday To ”Ms. Un-Conventional”

I spent my entire life learning the art of doing business and worked with many top corporate. But trust me the majority of people I worked with were negative in their approach irrespective of their positions barring few.

I witnessed the extreme sense of insecurity among the people I worked with in the past; reason may be their initial education or lack of exposure to the right life education. But as you say when there is darkness there is light certainly the bright side of the life as well.

During my course of journey I also spotted or worked with some real gems whose approach and thoughts were larger than life and never say die approach even in the worst situations. They were people’s favorite and looked up to and above all widely accepted.

The most common trait of these gems are they are always” Happy” ready to “Help” and most importantly detachment from the fruit of result is their “Natural Self Expression” as most beautifully described in Srimad Bhagvad Gita, they not only love but being loved.

One Such person I came across is Ms. Rakhi Sharma, the people who know her can endorse all such qualities she possesses mentioned above. Rakhi was my team mate in one of the organization and I interviewed and hired her for one of the low level position.

The very first day when I met her, I was convinced that she is someone who is un-conventional like me and will never be in the good books of senior management as you know majority of them are self centric and selfish rightly because they have been groomed like this and they practice the rule of Jungle just to SURVIVE.

But it is an old saying when you only have a mindset or habit of surviving you cannot rule the jungle, Rakhi was one such person who challenged the decision makers on every step for their conventional approach and refuses to budge down to their dictate.

As you say fortune favors the brave, and it happened, within a span of one year Rakhi proved her mettle and shown everyone what talent she possesses. Today she is the driving force behind two unconventional start-ups and has administered the entire operations single handedly. She is masterfully managing the back-end business and creatively working to contribute in the overall development & business of OPPBOX VENTURES.

Today she is single handedly managing the operations of two important brands “Find My Peace” & “”. The so-called low profile girl is today enjoying the top most position in Oppbox Ventures and is one of the key decision maker. She is a Daughter, Wife, Mother, Friend and overall a successful professional and a born leader.

On today 5th August I wish her a very Happy Birthday and a blissful life ahead. I wish she sustains the habit of success unconventionally.

Akash Sharma
Founder & Director
Oppbox Ventures

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