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Higher Living Brain Program

Higher Living Brain Program

Connect To Your Inner Genius by Unleashing the Power of Your Higher Brain

All of us have an inner genius dwelling inside us. This inner genius or our higher evolved version has infinite potential. This inner genius is our source to unimaginable creativity, execution powers, joy & abundance.
Most of the people never able to access their higher evolved version. To access this infinite potential within us, a great amount of energy is required to deeply oxygenate the higher cortical regions of the brain. Unless this level of energy is supplied, the access is denied.

The connective tissues in our body have huge potential to build great reserves of energy in our body to sufficiently oxygenate higher brain areas to tap latent potential of human brain. But people are not aware how to actually build this energy willfully when needed.

higher brain - Higher Living Brain Program, find my peace

The Higher Brain Awakening program is to make people learn techniques to consciously build great reserves of energy in the body and transfer this energy to higher regions in the brain. Once the higher regions of the brain are energized, your functional efficiency enhances multiple times.

Higher distinctive ideas and execution strengths comes naturally. Inner joy, happiness & tranquility become part of your very nature. Stress and tension is never felt when the higher brain is energized.

Stress and tension limits human potential substantially. Higher Brain Functioning program offered by us is the most organic and natural way to de-stress the body’s tissues and muscles. This de-stressing instantaneously surge the levels of energy in the body multiple times.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Free body & brain of long stored stress, anxiety, tension and depression
  • Provides a high degree of emotional regulation and enhanced emotional literacy and intelligence
  • Unimaginable enhancement in all higher cognitive functions like creativity, deep thinking, planning, decisive decision making, discrimination, enhanced focus and concentration
  • Feeling of great joy, passion, high inner motivation to achieve goals, high degree of acceptance to challenges
  • This program provides a substantial improvement in Physical, emotional, mental and intellectual strengths in a very short span of time.
  • Higher Brain functioning is living through your extraordinary self where you are evolving each passing moment. A true foundation for a meaning, purposeful, joyful and abundant life.

Program can be delivered very effectively through online mode in a location and time of your convenience.


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consult - Higher Living Brain Program, find my peace
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