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An auspicious occasion when we all come together and happily let go off everything and be playful like kids.

Although people nowadays have a lot of problems so they look for solutions everywhere. We understand this and would like to share an important information about which colors to play Holi with and benefit from it.

Yes it’s possible to gain benefits from playing holi with certain favourable colors .

Let’s see which type of zodiac would gain from playing with which color this year so that the time ahead is fruitful.

Every planet has a color associated with it and when we play with those colors we are definitely drawing good luck . Let’s take a look

aries - Holi, find my peace  Aries |> The best suited color for you is red as it’s the color of rashi lord Mars.

ta - Holi, find my peace Tauras |> The best suited colors for you are all light shadeslike light yellow. Venus is the rashi lord of this zodiac.

gemini - Holi, find my peace Gemini |> The best suited color for you is green color. Mercury is the rashi lord.

cancer - Holi, find my peace Cancer |> The best suited color for you is light yellow. It’s governed by Moon.

leo - Holi, find my peace Leo |> The best suited color for you is orange as it’s the color of rashi lord Sun.

virgo - Holi, find my peace Virgo|> The best suited color for you is green as it’s the color of rashi lord Mercury.

libra - Holi, find my peace Libra|> The rashi lord is Venus use light yellow or light orange.

scorpio - Holi, find my peace Scorpio|>  Use colors blue and most preferably red to please rashi lord Mars.

sagi - Holi, find my peace Sagittarius|> The lord Jupiter would be pleased with the use of yellow color.

capricorn - Holi, find my peace Capricorn|> The rashi lord is Saturn use blue color to please him.

aqua - Holi, find my peace Aquarius|> Saturn is the rashi lord use blue color to get positive results.

pisces - Holi, find my peace Pisces|> It’s the rashi of Jupiter use yellow color to get good results.


We will also give some magical remedies for Holika Dehen or Holi burning stay tuned .

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