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Navgrah Pooja

Navgrah Pooja

Navagraha Pooja is performed if the placements of the grahas (planets) are inappropriate in your horoscope. If you Peform Navagraha Pooja it provides you the required strength to overcome the harships.

What is Navagraha?

The term Navagraha denotes the nine planets that form the base for astrological calculations. The Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and the two shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu, constitute the Navagrahas. The nine “grahas” or planets in our horoscope are karak of our karma, our desires and their results. Each of these nine planets creates an influence in our lives, which can be analyzed from one’s horoscope.

What is Navagraha Shanti Poojan?

In a native’s horoscope we come across some benefic planets (that brings positivity into your lives) and some malefic planets (that hamper your growth and development). The placement of these planets in the appropriate house is very important for you to experience a hassle free life. However, in some cases while these celestial bodies keep moving, they fall in the bad houses, or two planets who have a enemity with each other may fall in the same house. It may also occur that a house is crowded with more than two planets. In all such circumstances the personal and professional life of a person is majorly affected as they might experience a few or many hardships depending upon how intense the placements of these planets are.
Apart from this, during the birth of a native it might occur that 5 or more out of the nine grahas occupy unfavorable positions in the birth chart. In this case the health and development of the native is affected majorly.

A Navagraha Pooja is recommended in either case, especially the latter case, where the pooja has to be done once in the lifespan of the individual. A Navagraha Shanti Pooja is a Pooja executed to appease the planets and provide the much required strength to the native to face the unexpected bad time or the hardships one has to undergo.

How is Navagraha Shanti Pooja executed?

Navagraha Puja is undertaken to reduce the negative effects and improve the positive energies related to a native.
Basically the gods that rule the planets are worshipped. For example Lord Shiva who rules the Sun, Goddess parvati the Moon, lord Hanuman rules Mars, Lord Vishnu Mercury, Brahma Jupiter, Lord Indra Venus, Yam governed by Saturn, Kaal ruled by Rahu and Chitragupt ruled by Ketu. Without installing these gods the pooja cannot be performed.
Apart from other common materials, the sticks from castor oil plant are used for the Hawan. Around 71,000 matras are recited, which approximately takes 3 days if 5 pundits are performing the pooja.
Where and when is Navagraha Shanti Pooja performed?

Navagraha Pooja is basically performed on a Tuesday. Days like Amavasya, Dashmi Titi, Ekadashi or Ganesh Chaturthi are considered auspicious for the Pooja. The most preferable place to perform the pooja is the Navagraha Mandir . This pooja is remotely performed by our learned pundits upon request.

In today’s day & age, we understand that location & time constraints do not permit everyone to visit the auspicious locations on the prescribed days to perform the much required Pooja’s & rituals. Our Pooja Service is a unique opportunity that allows you to have the ritual performed at these auspicious locations as per traditional requirements. We arrange for the Pundits and the required “samagri” (pooja items). Once you buy your Pooja e-book we book your pooja by providing your Name, Gotra (family lineage) and Sankalp (resolution), your request will be performed by our Pundits on your behalf remotely. After the Pooja, you will be sent the Prasad (ritualistic offering/blessing) kit.

Once you place the order you will get the Pooja ebook in CD by courier and mail within 5 working days.

Note: All Pooja’s are performed free of cost with the purchase of Pooja ebook.

Cost for the Pooja ebook includes the following:

  • All the materials needed for the Pooja that normally includes coconut, beetle leaves, fruits, flowers, ghee, prasad, sweets, hawan kund samagri etc.
  • Food or Anna Dan given to the Brahmins/ Purohits who perform this Pooja.
  • Vastra Dan or clothes given to the Brahmins at the end of the Pooja.
  • Dakshina or the Fees given to the Brahmins for performing Pooja.
  • Items that are sent to you as “Prasadam” from this Pooja, inclusive of shipping charges.


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