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Baglamukhi Pyramid




Baglamukhi Pyramid is one of the most powerful yantras as Goddess Baglamukhi is praised as the giver of supernatural or magical powers. Yellow turmeric beads kept inside the pyramid and then used for chanting promotes bountifulness and purity of mind.

How to use Pyramids?

Pyramid is one such therapy which is excellent, effective and cheap. Pyramid does not have any kind of negative effects. From the time when it came to India and so far, it is used as a therapy In every way possible, but the one major drawback of the therapy is that it takes too much time, so it required a major change that has been accomplished.

A normal pyramid at any place is used to transform the negative energy of the place into positive energy, but the process had been very slow due to which the users became reluctant in lieu of laziness, assuming it the best procedure to use. It seemed to the user that the pyramid might not have started working. It has been scientifically proved that cosmic energy is present and collected inside the pyramid, and any common person cannot utilize this cosmic energy or does not know the proper procedure of getting it out of the pyramid.

In India, the ritual of using Yantras & Pyramids is followed in order to purify atmosphere. The Gemstone healing involves showering of energy from that particular star of the universe over the person using it on the Earth, similarly pyramids of different stars are used for the same purpose. So, in comparison to both the processes, the use of pyramid is much more economical & cheaper than use of gemstones.

At most of the places, pyramids are used to curb Architectural defects (Vaastu Dosh). Architectural flaws are totally dependent on planetary position. Architectural Flaw shows importance to all the directions associated with the architectural design. Since the planets are related to these directions associated with architectural pyramid therefore flaws in the direction of the component are 100% curable using these pyramids only.

For example, the most negative direction of architectural defects considered is the Southern Direction (Dakshin).The vibes coming from this direction are the most negative of all, so in order to convert them into positive energy, Mangal Pyramid Is placed at Grihksht, Yam and Gandharva positions of the wall(The central location of the wall length direction).The negative energy coming from the direction is collected inside the pyramid, engaged in this negative energy into positive energy conversion the device provides the positive vibes of the direction to the particular spot where the pyramid was established.

Our Research Center (Efforts To Remove The Problems), has found the solution to these type of architectural defects in every direction and has manufactured certain pyramids & yantras related to respective planetary movement and related stars.

The best way to use these pyramids and get 100% results is by keeping one glass water or some dry fruits or some sweets (mishthan) for at least 2 hours in a day and consuming them after taking advise from the concerned practitioner/consultant/astrologer.

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