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Say Good Bye to Examination Fever The Fengshui Way

Say Good Bye to Examination Fever The Fengshui Way

With exams round the corner, these days the examination fever has gripped students and giving sleepless nights to both students and parents. Every parent desires that his or her kid should excel in exam and it is every students dream to pass by flying colors to put a strong foundation to start their career. Everybody the parents, the students, the teachers and the schools are putting their best efforts in the last battle. Feng shui the wonderful art of divination offers some very tested and useful help for studies to say good bye to examination fever.

Following are some wonderful tips:

In Feng shui every person has four good directions out of the total eight directions. This is based upon the kua number of every person and we all are very familiar with kua number. The child while sleeping should put his head in any of his four good directions and while studying also he should try to face one of his favourable directions. Tapping of good direction while sleeping and study do wonders for the child. It activates both health and study luck of the child and multiplies chances of success immensely. The following table shows preferred directions for various kua numbers.

Note: Please consult a good Feng shui consultant before selecting the directions, which can take care of annual afflictions as per advanced branches of Feng Shui.


Do not place the study desk with a window or a door behind the chair. The back should be solid wall. There should be open space in front of desk. Ideally the desk should be placed in the Power Point of the room.

  • Look for poison arrows in the room i.e. sharp edges of cupboards, pillars, shelves etc. These sharp edges must not point at the study place or sleeping area of the child.
  • The book shelves must be covered. Open shelves creates poison arrows and affects the concentration of the child.
  • There should not be any exposed beams above the study area.
  • North east is the direction of knowledge and wisdom, make sure that it is not affected by toilet, kitchen or store. As a remedy put a six rod all metal wind chime here to exhaust the ill effects.
  • The study table should not be put in the bed room as the child is prompted to sleep when he sees bed. The location of the study room should be away from kitchen as they may want snacks all the time.
  • The atmosphere of the study room should be clean and uncluttered. There should not be distractions like television or electrical gadgets in the room. The room should have adequate lighting.
  • The general area for study and various creative pursuits like writing etc. is the southeast sector of the house.
  • Avoid pictures and figurines of wild animals, wars and other fierce looking objects in the study room.
  • The study room should not have any Smell Sha. The room should have nice smell. It should be mopped by sea salt water at least once a week to remove all negative energy from the room. Use some drops of essential oils like lavender etc. and see the wonder in the energy level in the room.
  • The colour of the room should be matching according to the element of the sector such as yellow is preferred in Southwest and northeast. The colour scheme should be balanced.
  • Keep all the material you need for your study close at hand and well organized.


  • Place a crystal globe in the North east of the study room or desk and turn the globe 3 times a day. It is an excellent enhancer for those looking to continue education pursuit. It is believed to bring luck in study and examination.
  • Place a 7 or 9 level pagoda popularly known as education tower in the north east of the desk or room. In feng shui it is believed that Pagoda brings great knowledge, fame and advancement in career to its owner.
  • Place Golden Carps crossing the dragon gate symbol on the study table. It can be put above the entrance gate of the study room. In Feng shui it is the symbol of perseverance. Carps are swimming against the current to reach the dragon gate and transforming into dragon. This symbol is constant reminder of the pursuit of excellence and high ambition. It is ultimate enhancer for education.

Lastly, you should follow the system of nature in studying.

Try to bed before the hour of Rat i.e. 11PM if you want to be an “A” grade student right away and From February 4, 2009 till February, 3, 2010 the North-WEST and South sector of the house is excellent for academics, but mind you should not sit with your back towards South-West this Chinese year.

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