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Solve Family Disputes with the Help of Vedic Astrology

Solve Family Disputes with the Help of Vedic Astrology

Everybody wants to see his family happy and satisfied. The happiness of the family is based on the love and affection between the husband and wife. When it starts getting affected, it is not only going to increase the problems of the family but may also affect the professional and social life of the person.

Therefore, whenever the problems and differences start disrupting the family life, the husband and wife need to work out to resolve the problems rather than blaming each other. Along with their efforts if they use the astrological remedies, they will soon be able to overcome all the difficulties.

Remedies to Solve Family Disputes

If there are some problems and conflicts between husband and wife, they should chant “Trayashari Mahamrityunjaya Mantra” to resolve their conflict. The Mantra is as follows:

“ऊँ हौं जूं स: अथवा ऊँ जूं स:


ऊँ नम: शिवाय”!

The person can chant any of the two Mantras on first Monday of the Shukla Paksha. If the person chants this Mantra in lord Shiva Temple he will get auspicious results.

If you are not able to chant the Mantra in shiva temple then you can chant it in some lonely place. It will be good if the husband chants this Mantra. This Mantra is mandatory to chant for at least 21 days.

Remedies to Increase Affection and Love

Sometimes the love and affection of the married life gets affected and both husband and wife start giving importance to each other’s bad habits over good ones. This is not a good sign for the happy married life. Because whenever such a situation arises in the married life, it may lead to conflicts and disputes.

The wife should perform this remedy to overcome this situation and increase the affection between them. In specific circumstances, this remedy can be performed by the husband. This remedy does not require any special methods to perform. This remedy is performed in the night between 9 to 12.

Chant this Mantra in a peaceful place facing towards east direction. Chant this Mantra for 5 to 11 rounds of a wreath. You can start chanting this Mantra on any day in the Shukla Paksha.

Chant this Mantra for 21 or 31 days. It will help increase the love and affection between you and your spouse. The mantra is as follows:

“ऊँ महायक्षिणी मम पति वशमानय कुरु कुरु स्वाहा”!

This Mantra is very auspicious to increase the happiness and love in the married life of husband and wife. Therefore perform all the remedies mentioned in this series with complete faith and devotion.

While performing these remedies, the husband or wife performing the remedies should take a resolution to not repeat their mistake due to which conflicts and differences occurred in their married life.

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