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Special Diety Pooja

Special Diety Pooja

Pujas are performed to honor and worship our deities, it is a celebration. Puja is a means for us to acquire blessings and to liberate us of the bad karma. We have a team of specialists in Vedic Puja at your service. All Pujas are performed using the right offerings and mantras to gratify the presiding deity. Timings (mahurat) of the Puja in mind is of a lot of significance, hence it is recommended to schedule an appointment with our experts to help guide you better.

Ganesha Pooja

Lord Ganesha is the remover of obstacles, he is the God of wisdom and astuteness. Thus Ganesh Pooja brings professional stability and success. This powerful Pooja will bring in luck and prosperity for you.

  • Overcoming obstacles and hurdles in career or business.
  • For good health, wealth and prosperity.
  • For dosh nivaran.

Saraswati Pooja

Goddess Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, wisdom and learning. This Pooja is performed to gain intelligence and creativity. Knowledge is the foundation of liberation. Her Pooja can bring you sacred knowledge to overcome all the difficulties of life.

  • Blessings of knowledge and wisdom.
  • For intellect and education.
  • For superior communication skills.

Uma Maheshwari Pooja

Uma Maheshwara Pooja may be performed for a happy and pleasurable marital life. Uma is Maa Parvati and Maheshwara is Lord Shiva, and together they represent the union of shiv and Shakti. This pooja is may also be performed to absolve marital problems. It is strongly believed that Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti are the epitomes of mercy and compassion. The marital harmony between the celestial beings is considered the most inseparable and exceptional.

  • For a happy and blissful marital life.
  • To absolve conflicts in marital life.

Ashtalakshmi Pooja

Ashtalaxmi is the symbol of Ashta (eight) devine forms of Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Maa Ashtalaxmi blesses their devotees with wealth, abundance and prosperity moth material and spiritual.

  • For wealth, prosperity and abundance.
  • For a happy family life.
  • For absolving obstacles and success.

Baidhyanath Pooja

Baidhyanatha Pooja is performed for good health. Baidhyanatha Pooja will surround you with positive vibrations and armour you against all health disorders. This powerful Pooja may be performed to remedy to all your illnesses and gain blessings of Baba Baidyanath. If health ailments keep you worried and preoccupied, then this Pooja is the spiritual therapy to cure it.

  • For good health.
  • To shield against illness and sickness.
  • For blessings of Baba Baidyanath.

Durga Pooja

Durga Pooja – An Occult Treasure for Safe Motherhood Why Durga Pooja Goddess Durga exists eternally, always abiding in her own sweet nature and inhabits the hearts and minds of her ecstatic devotees. As Shakti power, she shapes, nurtures, and dissolves names and forms, while as subtle spiritual energy called Kundalini, She lights the lotuses of the seven centers of awareness in the sacred human body.

Lakshmi Pooja

Maa Laxmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. She blesses you with good fortunes and riches and paves the way for success in all your accomplishments and bestows you with material gains and luxuries.

  • For wealth, prosperity and good fortune.
  • For abundance and success.

Group Satyanarayana Pooja

Performing Satyanarayana Pooja showers prosperity and abundance in one’s life, it blesses the barren couple with progeny, the needy with material gains and business holders with blessings to prosper in their businesses. It is also performed in households before commencing auspicious events, such as weddings, birthdays etc.

  • For Progeny.
  • For wealth, prosperity and abundance.
  • Before commencing auspicious events.

In today’s day & age, we understand that location & time constraints do not permit everyone to visit the auspicious locations on the prescribed days to perform the much required Pooja’s & rituals. Our Pooja Service is a unique opportunity that allows you to have the ritual performed at these auspicious locations as per traditional requirements. We arrange for the Pundits and the required “samagri” (pooja items). Once you buy your Pooja e-book we book your pooja by providing your Name, Gotra (family lineage) and Sankalp (resolution), your request will be performed by our Pundits on your behalf remotely. After the Pooja, you will be sent the Prasad (ritualistic offering/blessing) kit.

Once you place the order you will get the Pooja ebook in CD by courier and mail within 5 working days.

Note: All Pooja’s are performed free of cost with the purchase of Pooja ebook.


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