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Vaastu for Happy Married Life

Vaastu for Happy Married Life

A bond of love and happy married life brings contentment and joy in your life. Wrong location of home and its objects can make adverse impact on your married life. Vastu can make your married life happy and maintain the compatibility between the spouses.

Here are some Vaastu tips can enhance love and prosperity in your life and make it blissful…

  • Bedroom should always be either in south best or in north west direction. It sparks love and understanding between soul mates. South east and north east directions should be avoided in any condition in the home.
  • Keeping heads towards the south direction brings positive magnetic energy which flows from north in the body. It increases flow of blood during sleep.
  • Always prefer a wooden bed of regular shape which eases tension between partners. Metal or wrought iron bed should always be avoided.
  • Colours like light blue, soft green, rose pink should be preferred for the bedroom. The uncluttered bedroom makes the ambiance soothing and conducive.
  • Husband and wife should sleep on the right and left side of the bed respectively. It ensures smoothness of the relationship.
  • It is advisable to use a single bed mattress on the double bed and avoid using a double bed mattress. It boosts
    harmony and positivity in martial relationship.
  • Electronic gadgets should not be in the bedroom. They emit electromagnetic waves which disturb the sleep and increase tension between the partners.
  • Mirror should be avoided in the bedroom. It leads to misunderstandings and quarrels. It should be kept covered specially in night. It is also important to keep room well lit. It maintains the unflinching love between the couples.
  • If you keep pillow, cushions or any artifacts in room, make sure it is in pair. Try to place a crystal in the room as the rose quarts give peace and harmony in relationship.
  • Exposed beam and slanted ceilings are symbols of tyranny as it they create cutting effect. So hang bells from beams if you have slanted ceilings.
  • Any kind of dust or entity not in use in the bedroom indicate tired and lackluster relationship. Try to keep things sparkling and fresh around you.

Simple measures can make life better around you. They will give you a balanced environment and working place. Think well and follow the right guidance before you start planning your home.

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