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12 Vastu tips for a healthy and smooth pregnancy

12 Vastu tips for a healthy and smooth pregnancy

A child is a gift from god!

Someone famously said, “A Child is a God’s gift!” Indeed the little bundle of joy is a gift to their parents and family. Being pregnant is an esoteric experience. It is a privilege that only women enjoy. Parents always wish for a healthy baby!

A fragile period for the new mother

Pregnancy is a very delicate period in a woman’s life where her entire body becomes fragile and vulnerable, needing more care and rest than usual. Most couples want their pregnancy to pass without any hassles.

Vastu Tips for Pregnancy

Certain changes within the house as advised by Vastu experts can help enhance and improve not only the chances of conceiving but also that of a smooth pregnancy. Here Vastu tips for pregnant women.

1. To conceive

If you are a couple who wish to conceive, ensure that you use the north-western room (as per the element of Air) till your wife conceives a child.

2. Sleeping position and direction

To ensure a smooth pregnancy, i.e. no health issues to the mother, the pregnant woman should always sleep in the south-west bedroom. If this is not possible, a bedroom in the north-east side is also a good choice.

3. Avoid a room in the north-west side

However, pregnant women should always avoid sleeping in the north-west room during their entire period of pregnancy.

4. Sleeping in the south direction

A pregnant woman should always sleep keeping her in the south direction in the room.

5. Subtle colors for bedroom

An expectant mother should always avoid dark colors such as dark orange, red, black. Instead she should opt for subtle, pleasing colors such as light blues, yellow, white and pastel green.

6. Use a blue lamp

The color blue is a soothing colour and is known to have astringent-like qualities. Hence, having a light bulb that emits soft blue lighting or soft colors like lilac or violet are good options.

7. Soothing wall colors

Wall colors in the room should be pleasant as well. One can opt for light shades such as pink, purple or even indigo as it is a soothing colour.

8. Child Birth Prospects and Remedies

Longing for a child? S Ganesh helps you with remedies for all child-related dosha in your horoscope.

9. Bleak colors cause depression

Expectant mothers should not sit in rooms that are in dark shades or have bleak colors or feel to it. This is because it can be a cause of depression and harm both – mother and child.

10. Read positive books

Reading is a good habit and reading inspiring or motivational books during pregnancy is a good. Also, having cute baby pictures or healthy children in the bedroom helps to stay positive.

11. Avoid staircases

If there is a staircase in the exact centre of the house, it can be a cause of health concern for the mother-to-be.

12. Brahmasthan

The centre or the middle of the house is known as the Brahmasthan and it needs to be kept empty. So one should avoid placing heavy furniture in this location.

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