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How to Have a Successful Marriage

How to Have a Successful Marriage

Following astrological combinations are most favourable for successful happy married life:

If Jupiter or Venus being the lord of seventh lord is placed in second or eleventh house.
Significator of marriage Jupiter for girl, Venus for boy is placed in 2nd or 11th house.
If seventh house is occupied by its lord, also has some benefice planets aspects or placed with it.
If seventh lord is place in either Lagna or Moon placed with seventh lord.

Following astrological combinations are also favourable for successful happy married life:

The natal chart of husband and wife are having benefic aspects, combination in seventh, eight,second & twelveth house or at least balance these houses in both horoscope.
The natal both the husband and wife should have benefic planets in lagna and seventh house.
Moon receive good aspects from Saturn, Venus and Jupiter. In this case couple will have pleasant feelings happy union.
Venus and Jupiter have good aspects good aspects provided they are not significator of sixth,eighth or twelfth house.
If we start from seventh house movement upto lagan anti clock wise we find benefic planets are placed or aspects by benefic.
If seventh or eight house is occupied by malefic planets but ninth house has benefic planet in lady horoscope than it has capacity to overcome malefic impacts of seventh & eight house and turn married life into happy married life.
In Scorpio lagna second and fifth lord Jupiter is in ninth house is in exaltation turn marriage to happy married life.
If seventh lord and Venus are posited in a kendra without malefic influence either by conjunction or aspects.
Moon in gemini,Sagittarius or Pisces in seventh house but don’t have any malefic aspects or result in happy married life.
I tried to give some astrological combinations which might help in getting happy married life but there many more factors in other charts which can over power any or all above astrological factors it does never means that these are always meets such situations because there are numerous destroying factor in a horoscope. So this is my humble request to all to look horoscope from all other angle like D9/Navamsha chart carefully, D7/Saptamsa Moon chart & Sun chart also.

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