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March 28, 2020 28th March Venus Transit in Taurus

28th March Venus Transit in Taurus

Planet Venus will enter its own sign, Taurus on Saturday, 28 March. The impacts of this planetary movement will be seen on 12 zodiac signs.

Now without any delay, let us take a look at the predictions for zodiac signs.

These predictions are based on the Moon Sign ,to  know your moon sign ask our astrological expert for the most detailed horoscope Report ever!

aries - 28th March Venus Transit in Taurus, find my peace


Social boundaries and recognition will increase. You will boost your taste buds by enjoying scrumptious delicacies and trying out new food items. You can also indulge in shopping of variety of items.The inflow of your income will increase and you will lay your hands upon a significant amount of profits. If married, then your life partner will be the reason for your happiness and satisfaction. You should know where to draw the line as excessive comfort can give birth to some health problems.

Remedy : It is recommended to offer rice grains to a Shivalinga on Friday.


Your health may experience some ups and downs. A balanced diet will help you to dodge the physical difficulties standing in your way. Your personality will become more attractive. Cracks if any  in relationship will get healed. You should always respect women and not speak ill for and in front of them not only during this transition but always in general as well. Keep this in mind to safeguard yourself from dangerous repercussions. Try to keep your emotions and desires under control. You will also take more interest in debating and getting involved in arguments. Be careful of your enemies as they may try to bring taints to your image.

Remedy :  Wear an Opal Gemstone of excellent quality.

taurus - 28th March Venus Transit in Taurus, find my peace
gemini - 28th March Venus Transit in Taurus, find my peace


Your economic burdens will increase, at the same time your income levels will also improve. Hence, you will be able to tackle expenses. Students under this sign who wish to complete their education in a foreign country will succeed and get enrolled in a college or University of their choice. Remain extremely careful of your rivals as they may try to distort your image. You can also take an overseas journey to accomplish certain projects in the field of art and culture. Your physical conditions will improve. But the very idea of leading an excessively comfortable life may give birth to some health problems. Hence you are advised to work upon it.

Remedy : You should feed grass to Gau Mata regularly.


Your economic condition will strengthen. The inflow of your income will increase and you will connect with some influential people on the societal front. You will also come into contact with some dignitaries of the society, who will help you to climb the ladder of success.Relations with senior officials at the workplace will improve.This transit will also prove to be quite beneficial for your love life.A prolonged desire of your heart may also get fulfilled. Your children will make progress which will keep you satisfied.

Remedy : You should recite the Shri Suktam Path on Friday.

cancer - 28th March Venus Transit in Taurus, find my peace
leo - 28th March Venus Transit in Taurus, find my peace


It will bring forth some unlimited amount of success for you. You should refrain yourself from getting involved in any kind of gossip or controversy at your workplace. Doing so will turn the situations against you and your senior officials may also remain displeased with you. Happiness and prosperity will prevail over your domestic front. Family members may purchase a new property or a vehicle. Your father will also come forward to help you, which is why your professional graph will rise upwards. An auspicious occasion or function may also get organised at your house which will keep the entire environment of the house happy and elated.

Remedy : You should worship Goddess Mahalakshmi in order to obtain the endowment of Venus.


New doors will unlock and you will lay your hands upon economic rewards. Money which has been stuck somewhere will also flow back. Your societal stature will improve. You will take certain long distance trips with your family members or your partner which will prove to be quite relaxing and entertaining. Prospects of job transfer will also get created,which will help you to secure benefits. From the point of view of business, you may have to wait for a little while to see the face of success. Wedding bells will be heard in your family.Friend circle will increase as while undertaking journeys you may cross paths with some new friends.

Remedy : It would be better if you wear a six faced Rudraksha.

virgo - 28th March Venus Transit in Taurus, find my peace
libra - 28th March Venus Transit in Taurus, find my peace


Unexpected monetary profits will fall into your lap. Some health problems may come into the forefront, which is why you should pay attention towards your diet. If you happen to be married, then you may be provided with an opportunity to attend a marriage function or some other kind of ceremony with your in-laws. It is advised to mend your irregular eating habits because health problems may be encountered otherwise. If we talk about your professional life, then the transit will be helpful for this aspect too. You will be provided with multiple opportunities to prove your efficiency and eligibility.

Remedy : “Oṃ śuṃ śukrāya namaḥ”/ “ॐ शुं शुक्राय नमः”.


Your conjugal life will be blessed with an ample amount of happiness and peace. If there are any ongoing problems in your relationship, then they will come to an end very soon. Love and affection in your relationship will also get intensified which will try to make your relationship stronger then ever. You will acquire profits from foreign connections. Businessmen associated with import and export trade ventures will be blessed with an unlimited amount of profits. If you wish to initiate any business venture of your own, then luck will stand in your. Health will remain in a stable state. Some positive improvements will also be seen in your personality. You will turn out to be quite attractive and get recognised in society. Your life partner will also reciprocate well and both of you will be happy with each other.

Remedy : For specialized benefits, you should recite the Kuber Mantra.

scropio - 28th March Venus Transit in Taurus, find my peace
sagi - 28th March Venus Transit in Taurus, find my peace


You might be surrounded with multiple health problems. Numerous ailments can crop up. Inflow of your income may also decrease, leading to an intensified amount of expenses. Your rivals will also remain in an active mode. They will try their level best to rupture your image,you are advised to remain careful. Do not waste time by getting involved in debates and arguments as it id not good. Honour and respect the female relatives around you as the negative state of Venus becomes the reason for debates and arguments with women. To fulfill your desires, you should work with extreme diligence. If you wish to acquire name and fame in the field of competitive exams, hard work in ample amount is needed. There are chances of you getting water borne diseases.

Remedy : You should donate sugar and rice on Friday.


Inflow of your income will increase due to which reputation and image in society will improve. In the field of academics, you will acquire positive results. You will witness some splendid moments with regards to your love life. Talk your heart out in front of your partner. In the field of education, you will be blessed with surprising results and you may also stumble upon many achievements. If you happen to be married, then this time period is very favourable for your children or others may who are trying for children might also be blessed with a child. You can also contemplate a job switch. Thankfully, you will be provided with the right opportunities for the same.

Remedy : You should wear an Opal Gemstone of excellent quality.

cap - 28th March Venus Transit in Taurus, find my peace
aqua - 28th March Venus Transit in Taurus, find my peace


Your luck factor will improve which will enable you to construct a beautiful house or buy a new vehicle. If you are already residing in your own house, then you may initiate its renovation process and spend a commendable amount of economic resources for it. A happy atmosphere will prevail over your domestic front. You will make progress in your working career and will be blessed with recognition and respect at your workplace. If you have invested in any property in the past, then you may reap its benefits. Those who are residing in a foreign country may be granted opportunities to return to their homeland. As a result of spending quality time with your family members your mental tensions will also disappear into thin air.

Remedy : You should wear a six faced Rudraksha to acquire the positive endowment of Venus.


You are advised to remain careful. When it comes to your health, you should be cautious. Your health may decline and you may be inflicted with multiple health problems. Venus will be favourable for undertaking journeys. You may stumble upon several benefits while you are away on trips. You may also cross paths with special someone. Inflow of your income will increase and your siblings may also acquire some profits which will keep them elated. You may suffer from mental stress. Your relations with your colleagues will improve gradually. This will leave a favourable impact on your professional life. You will pursue a certain hobby of yours and try to do something new in the field of art and culture. This will not only provide you with economic advances, but also make contributions to your respect and reputation in society.

Remedy : Visit any temple during Friday and offer decorative items to the deities.

pisces - 28th March Venus Transit in Taurus, find my peace
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