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April 3, 2020 Wind Chime Benefits In Vastu

Wind Chime Benefits In Vastu

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Wind chime is a popular Feng Shui object. We can ward off negative energy and bring in positivity by hanging it.

Lord of the West direction is Lord Varuna or air God. Apart from this Lord Shani or Saturn is also associated with West direction.

One can’t just use any wind chime there is a catch to it.  We have to check the number of rods attached to a wind chime.

Types of Wind Chimes

Good quality wind chimes can be a lovely addition to your home and garden. There are many different types of wind chimes for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Tubular Chimes: These wind chimes feature vertical tubes commonly made from aluminum or bamboo. Because each tube varies in length, these chimes produce a number of tones for a unique song.

Bell Chimes: These feature one or more bells in place of vertical tubes. The shape, size, and material of each bell differs from chime to chime for a different look and sound.

Decorative Chimes: Animal-themed and whimsical decorative chimes can be used in porches, patios, and gardens.

Celebration and Memorial Chimes: These tuned chimes are excellent gifts for weddings and anniversaries.

Feng Shui Chimes and Gongs: These are  Asian-inspired designs which are perfect for garden or desktop and include water fountains with floating bells.

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Wind Chime Tones

Tone refers to the pitch and quality of your wind chime’s sound. For example, deep tones can be a bit hypnotic, while high tones are energizing and playful. If you’re uncertain of a wind chime’s sound, check the individual product page for an audio preview or use this brief summary as a guide.

• Low Tone Chimes

A chime’s size is usually a good indication of its sound. Longer tubes, such as those on tenor and base chimes, produce a low, full sound. They offer deep, sustained sound that’s very relaxing and sometimes suggestive of cathedral or sacred music.

• Medium Tone Chimes

Our mezzo and alto chimes are medium to large in size, and often feature multiple tubes for a greater variation in notes and broader range of harmonies. With sounds that are serene or even mystical in quality, listeners tend to find them cheerful and uplifting.

• High Tone Chimes

These designs have short and narrow tubes. They produce a light, charming sound with a range of notes from middle C to high A.

A chime with a total of 5 or 7 rods removes negative energy. Wind chime with 6 or 8 rods are said to improve luck and should be hung in northwest of the drawing room.

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A wind chime can’t be just placed anywhere, it should only be placed in northwest or west direction only.

It could be made of wood, creamic pipe or metal. In a wind chime diffrent sized bells are tied together in a way that when the wind blows they start ringing automatically.

One thing should be made sure that the pipes used in a chime are hollow from inside so that the negativity flows in and positivity flows out of it.

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