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30 Bucket List Ideas for Adventure Travelers in India

Life itself is an adventure which gives us twists and turns. But what if we actually have adventure trip that gives the real thrill and takes into a whole new world of excitement? High peaks and mountains, fascinating rivers, challenging rivers and getting close to wild animals, India is bestowed with some adventurous locations that are worth experiencing. Be it the northern part or southern part of India, travellers have a plethora of options for an adventurous trip.

Let us take you to top 30 such adventurous locations in India that you must try at least once in your life:

1. White River Rafting in Rishikesh:

When we think of performing river adventure, Rishikesh stands out in the league. It is the capital of river rafting in India, where the holy Ganga River flows, offering the speed of Grade I-V. River rafting in Rishikesh is an ultimate experience one can have. Hitting the fast gushing waters of Ganges gives exhilarating adventurous sports.

While rafting on this holy river, you can enjoy the scintillating view of majestic Himalayas covered with lush green. Accompanied by professional rafters, you’ll be guided for an accident free rafting experience.


Location: There are different locations for river rafting. Brahmpuri to NIM Beach (9 kms), Brahmpuri to Rishikesh (12kms), Shivpuri to Rishikesh (16kms), Marine Drive to Rishikesh (24kms) and Kaudiyala to Rishikesh (34kms)

Price: The price for per person could be around Rs 450- 1850/- per person depending on the kms chosen.

Best Time: Except monsoon, one can go for river rafting in months between February to November.

2. Chadar Trek in Ladakh:

Experience the walking over the frozen river facing various challenges. Chadar Trek in Ladakh is the thrilling experience one can have. Open only during the winter season, i.e. – January- February, the trek takes place at the Zanskar River which gets freezes and gets covered with thick blanket of snow. During the trek, one can enjoy the canyon shape valleys bestowed with thick blanket of snow.
Location: Zanskar River, Ladakh

Difficulty Level: Difficult and the altitude can reach up to 11,123 ft.

Price: The package differs according to the number of days covered. The price would include the stay and other areas that will be covered. For 6N/7D, the approx. price starts from 24,000/- inclusive of tax and hotel rentals.

3. Jim Corbett Safari- Uttarakhand:

Want to have encounter with rich wild animals of India, especially Tigers? Then Jim Corbett National Park is your destination. Home to some exotic wildlife animals, this 13184 spread national park is located in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. Tourists can take a jeep safari that would take you to the entire national park. If you’re lucky enough, then you would encounter the royal Tiger of Jim Corbett. There are different zones- Dhikala Zone, Bijrani Zone, Sonanadi Zone and Durga Devi Zone.
Best Time to Visit: You can explore this national park from mid-October to mid-June. Visiting during monsoon isn’t a good idea.

Location: Ramnagar, Nainital District, Uttarakhand

Price: For Indian tourists- approx. Rs 4200/- including the jeep carrying 6 persons

For foreigners: Rs 8000/- for jeep and 6 persons

4. Scuba Diving in Andaman:

Deep clean blue water and gorgeous marine life makes Andaman truly a magical place to explore. The marine life of Andaman is a lifetime experience to explore which is worth an adventure trip to have. From scorpion fish and Octopus to Sharks and Coral Reefs, there are many things which you cannot lose to miss. Some of the diving sites in Andaman are- The Wall (Havelock Island), Clinque Island (Port Blair) and Fish Rock (Passage Island).


Best Time to Visit: January to May is considered as the best time when the island remains clam and conditions are better for diving.

Price: The diving price in Andaman island for various categories is divided into different packages:

Non- Swimmers- Approx. Rs 3500/- per person for 30 minutes

Beginners course: Approx. Rs 4500/- per person for 60 minutes

Certified Divers 2 days and 4 dives- Rs 10800/- per person

Night Dive- Rs 3,500/- per person

Single Dive- Rs 3,500/- person

5. Roopkund Trek- Uttarakhand:

If underline trekking is your favourite thing, then Roopkund Trek is the destination you should prefer. Located at the high altitude in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, one can trek to the elevation of 3200m.The trek is known for energizing excursion and so which adventurers should tread this land to revitalize. Roopkund Trek is known for its magical landscape, which you’ll experience in every pass.

Don’t miss the “Lake of Mysteries” which can be reached after passing range of forests and gushing brooks. One of the exciting parts of this trek is the “Mystery Lake”, also known as Roopkund Lake which is at the height of 15500 feet above the sea level and is the home of hundred skeletons.


Location: To explore this trek, you need to visit Chamoli districts which is located at the base of the two Himalayan peaks: Trisul and Nanda Ghunti.

Best Time to visit: The best time to visit Roopkund Trek is between May-June just before the monsoon.

Price: If you’re in a group and have booked with an adventure trip company, then the approx. price for per person would be Rs 10,500/- for 8-10 days which includes the accommodation, meals, trek equipment and other necessary permit fees.

6. Manali to Leh Bike Trip:

Imagine riding your bike across the valleys and never ending road, and the path giving you the majestic view of snowpacked mountain. Isn’t this a wonderful experience? A bike trip to Himalayan region offers high dose of adrenaline experience. The Manali to Leh bike trip is a chance to explore the journey of various hallucinating places.

Stopover in sapphire lakes, canyon mountains, drink a hot tea at the tapri of this region. The delicate breeze of this route has something magical that makes bikers go beyond their capacity. The bike trek usually begins from Manali, a delightful town on the banks of Beas River and will continue to high-street routes including Khardungla pass, known as world’s most elevated motorbike street.


Routes Covered: Manali- Jispa- Sarchu- Leh- Khardungla Pass

Best Time: July to September is considered as the ideal period for bike trip for Manali to Leh.

Price: For Manali to Leh Bike Trip there are various adventure groups and excursion companies offering packages. The ideal package starts from Rs 20,000/- per person including accommodation, meals and other adventure activities. There are itineraries which needs to be followed. If you’re planning for solo adventure bike trek then the price would fluctuate according to your comfort.

7. Caving in Meghalaya:

This North-Eastern India state is the most beautiful location in all sense. It holds some of the best treasures exploring them is worth every penny. Enchanting caves, beautiful waterfalls and majestic mountains. Caving in Meghalaya is the most happening adventure one can have. The Khasi Hills and Jaintia Hills are two most popular hills which are blessed with enigmatic caves. Other options to discover are- Krem Mawkhydrop, Krem Dam, Krem Lymput and Krem Mawjymbuin.


Best Time to Visit: The best time to explore Meghalaya caves is during winter months. December to March are the perfect months.

Things to Remember: One needs to very specific to learn about different caving techniques, From being a sandwich to being a Spiderman should be your hidden talent.

Stay: You can stay at Mawphlang and Pine Farm where one get some good options. You can even choose Cherrapunji Holiday Resort that offers some great facilities to stay at.

Package: If visited through Meghalaya Tourism Development Corporation, then you travel in deluxe buses, sumo and tourist coaches to different caves and would cost not more than 175 per person.

8. Skiing in Gulmarg:

Skiing is the best adventure thing you can do in Gulmarg, J&K. For those who love adrenaline junkies, skiing is what you can experience. The ski hill in Gulmarg is serviced by Gondola where the lift tips is about 4,000m with the summit of Mt. Apharwat. The ski terrain is unlimited offering alpine, chutes, cornices and glacier skiing. If you’re an expert ski rider, then it will be the most thrilling experience.


Reaching Gulmarg: Gulmarg is 52 kms away from Srinagar Airport and one can reach the village by taxi. There are prepaid taxis available

Price: The price of Gulmarg to Kongdori skiing for Adult and child (3-10) is Rs 400/- per person and for Kongdori to Apherwat is Rs 600/- per person.

9. Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh:

Jumping from the height of more than 83 meters which is roughly 273 feet and hanging in the middle of the sky and ground is thrilling experience one must enjoy. For those who never heard about bungee jumping, it is an activity that involves jumping from the tall structure connected with large elastic cord on your hips allowing you to have free falling experience. However, you need to be fully fit to conduct this adventure activity to avoid any physical injury.


Location: The activity is done at the Mohan Chatti village

Important Point: For bungee jumping minimum weight required is 40kg and maximum 110kg

Price: Basic price for Bungee Jumping is Rs 3500/- per perso

10. River Rafting in Tons ValleyUttarakhand:

Located in Garhwal district of Uttarakhand, river Tons is the biggest tributary to Yamuna river. One can enjoy the Tons River expedition with river rafting which runs at the grade of 3-4 and sometime at 5 grades. During the rafting in Tone River, you can enjoy some famous rapids including “One the Hornes of the Tons, Tones Squeeze, Confluence, Tuni Bazaar and Major Surprise.


Location: Tons Valley is located in Jaunsar Bawar region of Garhwal district

Price: Tons Valley river rafting can be enjoyed while having a camping under the expedition. The camping can be the duration of 8N/9D with the price range of Rs 30,000/- per person.

11. Hot Air Ballooning in Jaipur:

If you’re an adventure junkie and want some enthralling experience along with safety concern, then hot air balloon ride over the desert of Jaipur is adrenaline adventure you must go for. Once you get into the hot air balloon, you’ll enjoy the adventure of floating along the winds. Admire the bird’s eye view of the Pink City and get absorb into the colours of this city. Watching Hidden palaces and historical from the top angle will surely mesmerize you.


Hot Air Balloon Safari Best Time: The best time to experience this adventure is during November to June. The timing of the flight is done in the early morning and in the afternoon. The safari would last for 1 hour.

Service: Sky Waltz Balloon Safari is the popular service in Jaipur

Price: The standard flight ticket- Rs 12000 under Skyvisa

Under SkySail: Rs 7500 (per adult) and Rs 6000 (per child

12. Dune Bashing in Jaisalmer:

If you’ve heard about dune bashing happening in Dubai sand and missing the action, then in India Jaisalmer is the place where you can enjoy this adrenaline adventure. A 4×4 SUV is led in the desert sitting inside which you’ll experience the dashing of sand coming its way. Enjoying a spell of dune bashing, Dubai-style, on the Sam sand dunes, 44 km from Jaisalmer in the midst of the Thar desert. Keep the traditional camel ride aside and get into the dune bashing in lavish style.


Packages: There are different packages offered including- Arabian Night with Dune Bashing for 2N/3D, Dune Bashing with Complete Jaisalmer for 1N/2D and Desert Camping 1N/2D. The cost of the package ranges from Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000/- per person.

Best Time: From December to March is the ideal time for dune bashing.

13. Paragliding in Bir-Billing:

Bir-Billing is located in Palampur district of Himachal Pradesh and offers a great adventurous experience of paragliding. However, one has to patience enough and shouldn’t carry height phobia. Bir-Billing successfully hosted paragliding world cup in 2015. In fact, it is considered as the safest destination for paragliding where the take-off site is 8000ft from sea level and the landing site is 4300 ft.


Price: For per person the price of paragliding in Rs 2500/- and the duration will be 15-20 minutes.

Best Time: The best time for paragliding is from November to May.

How to reach Bir Billing: There are different routes to reach Bir Billing. Starting from Delhi you will cover Chandigarh, Kangra, Palampur and other regions, depending on the routes.

14. White Water River Rafting in Kullu:

Enjoy the lashing of Beas River in Kullu Valley, Manali with the white water river rafting. In fact, it is the ideal destination to enjoy the rafting expedition. Starting in the morning at Pirdi, the rafting can be for few hours’ covers the designated kms. The river has got I-IV grade of speed.


Best Time to visit: January to May and October to December

Cost: The cost per person is Rs 1000- 1500/-

15. Surfing in Goa:

While in Goa, you cannot miss the Banana Surfing which is the most thrilling water adventure in Goa. Challenge yourself by surfing in the immaculate waves of Goa beaches by sitting on the Banana surfs.  If this is your first time, you will be easy-to-follow instructions for surf experts. Learn the skills and get on to the boards to fight against the lashing water of Goa beach.


Price: There are different surfing services in Goa offering lessons and along with equipment. For basic surfing lesson- Rs 2500 per 90 minute lesson. For surf boards in rental Rs 500 per hour and Rs 1500 per day.

Best Time: Except monsoon and high tide, surfing can be done anytime throughout the year.

16. Skydiving in Mysore:

Imagine yourself in the mid-air without any movement and watching the bird’s eye view of the land. Skydiving is the most thrilling adventure you can ever experience. If you’re in Mysore then don’t miss the skydiving at the most the unadulterated height from the sky.

However, before the act, you’ll be trained and provided with safety procedures. Tandem, Solo, and A License are three different jump types. Of all, Tandem jump is the most popular training for the first time skydivers. The height altitude is from 6,000 ft. to 10,000ft. Strictly no alcohol and drug conception is appreciated for skydiving.


Price: The price for the skydiving in Mysore starts from Rs 35,000 to 5,20,000 depending on the course days.

17. Flying Fox Adventure in Neemrana- Rajasthan:

Challenge yourself with the thrilling adventure in this unique Flying Fox activity in Neemrana, Rajasthan. Also known as zip line tour is a unique and exhilarating aerial journey between hill forts and ridge tops, during which you fly down a series of ultra-strong steel cables, attached by a harness and pulley. The activity takes place in early sunrise, night zip and during weekends.


Price: The price of Flying Fox on weekends is Rs 1000, for Early Bird trip- Rs 1200, for night zip Rs 1000.

Reaching Neemrana: To Neemrana, the nearest station is Ajaraka. It is located on Delhi-Jaipur Highway.

18. Rock Climbing in Satpura:

This majestic mountain is located at Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve. The Satpura mountain ranges offers terrain of adventure activities including the rock climbing. There are different terrains where one can do the rock climbing.


How to reach Pachmarhi: It can be reached directly by bus from Bhopal and is 210 km away by road. Pachmarhi can also be reached from Nagpur.

19. Sandakphu Trek-West Bengal:

Located at the altitude of 11,941 ft, Sandakphu Trek is the most happening adventure trip to have in Darjeeling, West Bengal. Known as the Trekkers Wonderland, you can participate in 5-6 days long trek expedition. The entire trek would take you to the picturesque location and giving you the view of the Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse and Makalu.


How to Reach?

You can reach Sandakphu by car in 4 hours from Darjeeling.

Price: If you’re taking up the trek expedition, then it will cost approach Rs 9,000 per person which includes accommodation, meals, guide and entry fees.

Best time to visit: April to May and October to December is considered as the best season to visit.

20. Wildlife Safari in Gir National Park, Gujarat:

Known as the Majestic home of Royal King, Gir National Park is the only place where one can spot lions roaming freely. The national park covers 1412 sq. km, and is the home of approx. 523 lions. Not only lions, one can come cross various birds, reptiles and other animals. Take a jeep safari throughout the park and get encountered with wild animals roaming freely. There are fun tour, Gir holiday tour and jeep safari tour which one can take benefit of.


Location: The park is situated in Junagadh district of Gujarat and is reachable from cities like Ahmedabad and Rajkot.

When to visit: Park remains open from September to May.

Price: For Jeep safari, the charges are Rs 4900 for 6 people in one jeep (Indian) and Rs 12400 for foreigners. The price includes jeep & Driver, Permit Charges, Guide Charges, One Camera Charges, Online Payment Gateway Charges, Pickup & Drop facility from resort.

21. Dudhsagar Trek in Goa:

One of the fascinating things about Southern adventure part is the waterfalls that truly takes your breath away. One such is the Dudhsagar Waterfall which is an important landmark in Goa offering mesmerizing view from long distance falling at the height of 1017ft. Also known as the ‘sea of milk”, the falls are zenith during monsoon season. Imagine the experience of going under the waterfall as the train passes through it. You can even engage in the enthralling trek in the vicinity.
How to Reach Dudhsagar Falls?

Train is the best way to experience this gigantic fall. It can be reached by Collem and is 6 km away from the falls. Another route is Carambolim (Karmali railway station)

Location: It is located in the Sanguem Taluka of Goa.

Price: One can reach the falls by jeeps available for hire for Rs 1200/

22. Kayaking in Aguada River- Goa

If you love water sports adventure, then kayaking is the best thing to experience. If you’re in Goa and visiting Aguada river then don’t miss the Kayaking. During the activity, you can explore the beauty of the Goan shores where you can move freely using a paddle and explore the Natural Ecosystem of Goa in the mangroves, mudflats and mini bays.


How to reach Aguada River:

Aguada Beach is situated in North Goa. Adjoining the Aguada Fort, Aguada can be reached from Dabolim International Airport which is 29kms away.

Timings and Price: Kayaking is done in two secluded beaches which is quite and calm in the morning. Every day, October to May, 1 hours 30 minutes, 07:30am to 09:30am with the price of Rs 825/-. You can even go for moonlight kayaking pricing Rs 2090 each

23. Skiing in Kufri:

Himachal Pradesh is a paradise for skiing and Kufri is an ultimate destination. Situated at an elevation of 9000 ft. above sea-level, Mahasu and Narkanda are two popular skiing destinations. There are two different tracks 350 m length for naive skiers and 800 m long for professional skiers.


Best time to visit: The best time to experience the thrill is during December and February

Best way to Reach: Kufri is the nearest station and is well-connected to other cities.

Price: The price starts from Rs 300 per person.

24. Cycling in Munnar:

Munnar is blessed with enchanting beauty with zigzag roads offering the best view of lush green hills. Venture into Madupatty tea estates and admire the beautiful view of Kundala Dam and Anamudi Chola near Anamudi National Park. Cycling in this location is the best ever experience you can have.


Cycling Tour: There are different cycling tours which includes half day, full and multi-day tours

25. Camping in Coorg:

Coorg is the main holiday destination in Karnataka and is an ideal option for camping. Cool, exotic and serene makes the entire region of Coorg enthralling and pictorial. You can check different camping tours, including the Coleman Camping tour in which you can enjoy white water rafting, stream trek and trek to Brahmairi Hills.


Reaching Coorg: Coorg is close by to Bengaluru and Mangalore. There are regular Deluxe and KSRTC buses leaving from Mysore, Bengaluru and Mangalore. The nearest station is Mysore, 120km away.

Camping Price: If you’re going along with the camping group, approx. Rs 1500-200/- would be price per person.

26. Tiger Safari in Bandhavgarh National Park- Madhya Pradesh:

Lush green and vast forested region is certainly the abode of wild species. Tiger Safari in Bandhavgarh National Park is an abode of greenery and will get an opportunity to enjoy organized way of safari. At Bandhavgarh, you’ve elephant and jeep safari option to close encounter with wild species.


Safari Timings: There are two shifts- Morning and Afternoon. Starting from early morning 6.30am and ending at 7pm.

Price: The pricing is stated according to the zone-

  • Tala Zone- Rs 5500/-
  • Magdhi Zone- Rs 4550/-
  • Khitauli Zone- Rs 4450/-

The price includes entry fees, guide, jeep charges, and other taxes

Reaching Bandhavgarh: The nearest airport to Bandhavgarh is Khajuraho and by nearest train is Umaria and one can reach in 40 minutes to national park.

27. Giant Swing in Rishikesh:

Enjoy the enigmatic view of Rishikesh valleys, enchanting weather, clear skies and gushing rivers that are perfect for giant swing activity. The jump height is of approx. 83 meters; it is India’s fixed platform and is the highest jumping site.


Swing Timing: 09:30 AM, 11:00 AM, 1:00 pm and 02:30 PM

Price: Rs 3000/-per person

Location: Mohanchatti (25 kms from Rishikesh)

28. Gulmarg Gondola Ride:

Known as the world’s highest cable car, the Gulmarg Gondola ride is the most fascinating adventure one can experience. During the ride one can enjoy the enigmatic view of snow-capped landscape blessed with pine trees. It’s a delight for photographers. There are two-stage Gondola lifts carrying 600 per hour starting from Kongdoori Mountain.


Opening time: 10am and ends on 5 pm

Fees: The entry fee for adult and children between 3-10years is Rs 400. For second phase from Kongdoori-Apharwat is Rs 600 per person.

Reaching Gulmarg: Nearest airport is Srinagar and 56 kms away. Gulmarg is also well-connected by bus from different regions of Srinagar and Kashmir. Jammu is the nearest station with the distance of 290 kms.

29. Scuba Diving in Malvan:

Malvan is the most ideal and blessed destination for scuba diving. Located in Konkan region of Maharashtra, get close to untouched world of the marine life. Scuba Diving offers you the experience and the opportunity to explore the underwater life, with the expert guidance and class leading equipment.


Price: General Price of scuba diving is Rs 1500/- per person for 30 minutes. If taking Deep water scuba diving then the price is Rs 4500/- per person.

Best time: From November to May is considered as the best time for scuba diving

Reaching Malvan: Ratnagiri is the nearest station with 193 kms way and 95kms away from Panaji station.

30. Microlight Flying in Bangalore:

Get the bird’s-eye view of Bangalore by sitting inside the aircraft as co-pilot. This is your chance to get fantasy of soaring with exhilarating experience. Flying above the 4000ft, two people can enjoy sitting inside the flight.

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