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Is Mercury Your Last Minute Spoiler..?

Is Mercury Your Last Minute Spoiler..?

Just imagine….. you are about to close a deal worth lakhs and suddenly something happens and your deal gets over.. You are about to propose a girl and waiting for the right time to confess your love to her and suddenly you come to know that she has accepted the proposal of your friend yesterday only…You are about to get a long standing legal battle in your favour and suddenly the judge gets ill and another judge as a replacement gives judgment against you….

If you have experienced similar to this trust me you are under direct attack of Mercury, the smallest planet of them all but lethal when it comes to its negative effects

Mercury alone is a sky’s dome, neutral & eunuch, when exalted it becomes goddess of green vegetation, blessing the man with abundance of wealth and a prosperous business. But when its Malefic it reduces the man to an unfortunate wretch or a bat hanging with a rock. Mercury is termed as lord of green vegetation and a devotee of Goddess Durga, It acts as a lord of speech.

If Mercury is associated with a benefic planet, it will make it all the more benefic and if it is associated with a malefic planet, it increases its malefic powers two fold. Mercury if alone is powerless and good for nothing, but it gives the effects of the permanent house it occupies.


  • Worship Godess Durga.
  • Donate green clothes to eunuchs.
  • Keep goat or parrot as a pet with you.
  • Donate green Moong Pulse on Wednesday morning.
  • If malefic Mercury avoid keeping plants at your home.

These quick remedies are general in nature and will bring down the chronic effect of Mercury. If you are facing any difficulty due to ill effects of mercury and you are experiencing troubles/ chronic issues you can take advice from an educated and experienced astrologer from our panel.

For any query or doubt you can write me in detail at [email protected]

Hare Krishna!

Akash Sharma

Head- Astrology Research (Find My Peace)

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