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5 signs you are under influence of Rahu

5 signs you are under influence of Rahu

Rahu is the master of brain waves and thundering, lightening. This blue colour node works like a shaft of lightening. It is being considered as an elephant whose mahouts are Mars & Saturn.

It bedims Moon and eclipse Sun, when conjoins with Jupiter its smoke is pillow, which makes mercury disappear. It is always enemy of Venus but master of Ketu. When it is like fiery volcano or earthquake, it spills blood and destroys all. It becomes more fiery with Sun but cools down under Moon. Some of the important symptoms that indicates that Rahu is affecting your life are below:

  • Majority of times you are eating on bed.

It is being seen that anyone who is under the influence of Rahu tends to eat on bed. Not only that he goes to bed late at night and wakes up late in the morning.


  • Sudden fall in wealth or position.

The most common feature under the influence of Rahu is inability to take decisions and sudden fall in wealth and position if you are in a job. It is being seen in some cases that you may lose your job as well.


  • Unnecessary and useless expenditure.

If your mind is not under your control and gets excited when there is an opportunity created of spending money then rest assure you are under the influence of Rahu. Getting peace and confidence  in using credit cards and loans are one of the symptoms, trust me this problem is lethal and very common among individuals affected by Rahu.


  • Litigation and bad domestic life.

Without committing any crime or without doing anything if you are trapped in any legal case this indicates Rahu is controlling your time. Not only that the domestic life or harmony too go for a toss. Rahu may result in divorces if conjoins with Venus in any which way.


  • Regular skin trouble or problem in lower part of body.

If you are suffering from any kind of skin problems or isuues with your lower part of body just know Rahu is your companion in current time. In the influence of Rahu diseases are difficult to get diagnosed, so practice caution when you are facing something similar.


  • Worship goddess Saraswati.
  • Avoid eating in steel or Iron utensils.
  • Remove all defected electronic gadgets from your home
  • Avoid eating on bed, Have food while sitting on floor.
  • Keep silver coin with you always.

These quick remedies are general in nature and will bring down the chronic effect of Rahu if you are facing any difficulty due to that. However if you are experiencing troubles/ chronic issues you can take advice from an educated and experienced astrologer from our panel.

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Hare Krishna!

Akash Sharma-(Jyotish Adhyeta)

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