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Are you struggling to get a Job?

Are you struggling to get a Job?


Why I am struggling to get a job?

Any individual who has to live his life needs money. And to earn regular money a sustainable is all what we require, but many of us struggle to earn our living hood regularly. Normally profession is related to the 10th house of Lagna Kundli of a native but there may be N numbers of astrological reasons but one of the important reasons for good results in profession is “karmic purity”

We normally perform our karmic duties as desired by Supreme Being, and in the performance of duties we have to go different places as well and we do multifarious jobs to fulfill our karmic obligations. It is As per our Vedas an individual where ever or whatever he may be doing, his “Mangal Charit” (noble and well intentional deeds) will be rewarded by only keeping his mind focused on the supreme being.

What we are conveying here is that our karma’s are as desired by the god almighty, and before seeking the grant of the results we are undertaking to perform these ordained karmas, with “Mangal Charit” on above board character, pure intent and for the welfare of all.

These spiritual vibrations directing the inner self of the man towards purity are conveyed by “Mangal” (planet Mars). It is this Mars who initiates and sustains karma, acts as a catalyst or as an obstructionist, and injects purity or impurity in the karmas

Some simple remedies to ease off your efforts in job search:-

  • Wear a silver bracelet in the right hand
  • Worship Lord hanuman
  • Float a copper vessel filled with whole green pulse (hara moong) in a flowing river. The vessel should be sealed with a copper lid.
  • Pour some un-boiled milk in the roots of banyan tree for 21 days.

If you are still facing any challenges in your jobs/profession, you can leave a reply for any clarification & help or you can directly email me at [email protected] for direct interaction.

Hare Krishna!

Akash Sharma

(Jyotish Adhyeta)

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