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When will you settle abroad?

Will I settle abroad? This article is related to earning in a foreign country. There is nothing to get surprised if the horoscopes can indicate someone earning their income in foreign currency. Sometimes planetary positions are not suitable for people to earn in their native country. If a person is destined to have his/her source […]

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General Lal Kitab Remedies for Promotion

Lal Kitab Astro Centre offers remedies for business, career, promotion and job problems. General Lal Kitab Remedies for Promotion There is no substitute for hard work but still my experience with the clients and looking at thousands of horoscopes for combination relating to job promotion, I am suggesting some Lal Kitab Remedies which can be […]

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Twelve Houses And Career

Twelve houses in a horoscope belong to various aspect of live of a person. Career wise each house has its own importance. Planets indicate the nature of career a person would like to choose. Placement of main or strong planets in various houses indicates the likely area of one’s career. Let us start from the […]

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