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Twelve Houses And Career

Twelve Houses And Career

Twelve houses in a horoscope belong to various aspect of live of a person. Career wise each house has its own importance. Planets indicate the nature of career a person would like to choose. Placement of main or strong planets in various houses indicates the likely area of one’s career.

Let us start from the first house of the horoscope.

  • First house is like self. It denotes success in the area of self employment.
  • Second house shows the area of career in banking, investments, finance, teaching, consultants, writing and publishing.
  • Third house is the house of communication. Suitable career for this house belongs to marketing, salesmanship, advertising, computer, web designing, travelling, writing and import export.
  • Fourth house belongs to land and vehicles. Career wise the area of agriculture, building material or builders, sale purchase of vehicles, mining etc. suits this house.
  • Fifth denotes speculation. Share marketing, brokers, finance, education etc. are the likely area of career.
  • Sixth house is the house of litigation, loan, diseases and disputes. Strong planet here points towards the career related to police, livelihood through service, court, loan- recovery, clinics etc. Maternal relations are helpful and fruitful.
  • Seventh house is the house of business and partnership including relations with females. Career of this house relates to partnership in business, trading etc. Business in the name of wife will be successful depending upon placement of planets.
  • Eighth house suits career relate to insurance. This house also belongs to secret powers including research etc. Astrology and magical powers are inherent for this house.
  • Ninth house is house of luck and religion. Career related to law, priest, head of religious body, travelling to religious places suits this house.
  • Tenth house in horoscope is known for connection with the government and politics. Career related to government jobs, politicians dealing with public life, falls under influence of this house.
  • Eleventh house is the house of income. All planets here give good results. Placement of many planets in this house indicates the income from various sources. Elder brother is helpful in earning the livelihood.
  • Twelfth house shows career related to foreign countries, import export, travel agency, hospitals, prisons, etc.

To strengthen the desired house, suggestions from astrologer should be sought for.

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