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Astrology Yogas for a Happy Married Life, and Separation

Astrology Yogas for a Happy Married Life, and Separation

Sepration And Divorce

A life long happy married life is everyone’s dream, but sometimes this dream does not become reality. In this video we will discuss the yogas related to a happy married life. We will also talk about the combinations which cause separation between the two partners in a married life.

Yogas for a happy married life

Happiness in married life is very important for everyone because this is one relationship that one expects to last a lifetime. The horoscope holds important clues about a person’s married life, and what he or she can expect from the life partner.

The second house is considered the house of marriage in a Janma Kundali. This house should be under the influence of benefic planets for a happy married life.

Marriage can also associated with the seventh house. The seventh house and the lord of the seventh house should be strong and well-placed for a peaceful married life. The eighth house is usually associated with your partner’s family. Hence, it is good for a marriage if this house is aspected by auspicious planets.

The seventh house is afflicted if a malefic planet is present in the ascendant. This is not considered an auspicious combination for a marriage. Hence, the seventh house should always be aspected by benefic planets.

Problems in married life may also arise if the ascendant, second house, seventh house and eighth house are well aspected in a Navansha Kundali. In the same way, if the lord of the ascendant, second house, seventh and eighth house are aspected by the auspicious planets, the married life of the native will be full of happiness.

Yogas for a miserable married life
Many times stress and tensions become a part of life after marriage. Let us try to find out reason behind this. The second house can be associated with the family. The presence of malefic planets in this house encourages arguments and conflicts among family members which may disturb the peace of the family.

A person may also face problems related to family if the fourth house is aspected by a malefic planet or if a malefic planet placed in it. The eighth house should not be aspected by malefic planets since it is associated with Mangalik happiness.
If the twelfth house is aspected by a malefic planet, then the husband and wife are not compatible with each other. The married life is also adversely affected if the lord of the seventh house is present in the twelfth house.

A lot of problems may arise in a married life if the lord of the seventh house is present in the sixth house of a Kundali.

The placement of a retrograde planet in the seve nth house is also considered inauspicious. The presence of a retrograde planet results in making a lot of efforts to attain happiness in married life.

Combinations for separation and divorce

Sometimes a couple heads towards divorce even if they have small quarrels. Yogas in a Janma Kundali play an important role in deciding the fate of a marriage. There are possibilities of a divorce during the Dasha of the sixth house.

The eighth house is the house of obstacles. There are chances of separation of a husband and a wife if the eighth house is afflicted and if the Dasha of planet in the eight house is running. The same happens during the Dasha of the twelfth house.

A husband and wife are also separated during the Dasha of planets like Rahu, Ketu and Saturn.

Sun is considered the planet of separation. Hence, there are troubles in a married life if the marriage took place during the Dasha of Sun. This may also happen if the Dasha of Sun begins after marriage.

A person lives alone throughout his life if the lord of the seventh house is in its own Nakshatra. The marriage of such a person does not last for a long time. It is also possible that such a person may be a complete stranger to his partner while living in the same house.

Remedies for separation and divorce

Offer water to Shivlinga in order to bring happiness in a family. Om Namah Shivaya should be chanted 108 times while doing this. Fasting on every Monday also brings peace and happiness.

Light a lamp of ghee or Dhoop everyday in the evening. Take it to every corner of your house. This brings positivity in a house and frees the environment from any negative forces.

Read Vishnu Sahastranaam everyday during the time of stress. You should also recite it on every Wednesday and Thursday.

Worship lord Ganesha everyday to bring peace and happiness. Chant Om Gan Ganpataye Namah with full devotion everyday. You will surely receive benefits.

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