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January 13, 2021 4 Reasons why we offer chandan, haldi and kumkum to Deities…

4 Reasons why we offer chandan, haldi and kumkum to Deities…

During Panchopachar puja, chandan (Sandalwood paste) is applied to the Deity with the ring finger of the right hand. Thereafter, haldi (Turmeric powder)-kumkum (Saffron) is offered at the Deity’s feet by taking a pinch of each between the thumb and ring finger of the right hand. Haldi or turmeric is offered first followed by kumkum.

Reason behind chandan should be applied prior to offering haldi and kumkum?

The extent of Shakti tattva (Energy Principle) in haldi and kumkum is more prominent when contrasted and that in chandan (Sandalwood glue); consequently, offering haldi and Kumkum along with chandan expands the inactivity of the waves communicated by the chandan. This outcomes in decrease in the speed of emanation of Chaitanya (Divine awareness) in the air. In the end, the jiva doesn’t get the normal profit by the waves producing from the chandan. Henceforth haldi-kumkum is offered independently and not along with chandan.

Shakti tattva has more noteworthy extent of Pruthvitattva (Absolute Earth Principle) and thus, it has more prominent capacity to tie different Principles that come in its contact. Chandan likewise has more prominent capacity to rapidly guzzle any of the Principles; along these lines, the dormancy waves that have intrinsic Shakti rapidly gets pulled in to the chandan, rendering latency on the Sattva particles.

Both chandan and haldi-kumkum are significant from admirer’s viewpoint; however when offering to a Deity, these are offered independently and not together. In the start of pūja, subsequent to washing the Deities, chandan is applied first and afterward haldi and kumkum are advertised. This adequately implies that with the assistance of the intrinsic nirgun (Non-appeared) Chaitanya in chandan, Chaitanya is actuated, and thanks to haldi and kumkum, it is brought to the degree of Pruthvitattva so it is good for the admirer to guzzle. 

Reason behind the worship of Devi (Goddess) with only one upachar of offering kumkum ?

The central dynamic Shakti tattva has been made from red light. Kumkum represents Shakti tattva and thus, pūja of the Goddess is performed with kumkum. Rushes of Shakti tattva from the universe are pulled in to the fragrant waves producing from kumkum inside a brief period. Subsequently, to stir the sagun tattva in the Idol of the Goddess, kumkum that is red in shading and furthermore speaks to fragrant waves that please the Goddess Principle, the upachar of offering kumkum is given primary goal. The aroma of the major seed of the Shakti tattva takes after that discharged by kumkum; thus, the powerful mode of kumkum is utilized for conjuring the Goddess.

Significance of the ring finger in the love of a Deity

Because of the waves related with the Apatattva emanating from the ring finger, the sattvik waves radiating from the Deity start to stream and pick up energy. The power of these streaming waves actuates the jiva’s Atma-shakti  on the strength of which these waves disperse into the praṇamaya-kosha and manomaya-kosha according to the need, and it helps in purging the body and different sheaths of the jiva. The waves related with the Pruthvitattva and Apatattva radiated by the Deity are pulled in through the ring finger to the most extreme degree; be that as it may, since the body of the jiva is additionally connected with the Pruthvitattva and Apatattva, the jiva doesn’t encounter any trouble because of these waves.

Why the ring finger and the thumb utilized in offering haldi and kumkum ?

The mudra  framed by joining the tips of the ring finger and the thumb stirs the Anahat-chakra in the collection of jiva and stirs the kriya-shakti  in the jiva. The transcendence of kriya-shakti in the body stirs the jiva’s bhav towards God and upgrades the extent of the Raja-Sattva particles in the praṇamaya-kosha. The particular mudra framed when joining the tips of the ring finger and the thumb while eliminating nirmalya or while offering haldi-kumkum actuates the rushes of Apatattva known to mankind, and Chaitanya of the Deity in nirmalya starts to stream. The Chaitanya in a lethargic state in the Deity’s Holy feet gets initiated thanks to haldi and kumkum, and it helps in the discharge of this Chaitanya towards the jiva.

The ring finger is related with the nirgun tattva, and henceforth, its touch lessens the chance of arrangement of a covering by the negative energies around the substances set for offering to the Deities and helps in keeping up the sacredness of the Deity’s Idol.

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