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December 28, 2020 Datta Jayanti, Tuesday 29th December 2020

Datta Jayanti, Tuesday 29th December 2020

Datta Jayanti is a festival of Deity Dattatreya’s introduction to the world. He was brought into the world at night of the full-moon day (Purnima) of the Hindu lunar month of Margashirsha. He is viewed as the Guru, all things considered, On the whole, Deity Datta expected sixteen primary Incarnations.

In the event of previous occasions passed by, negative energies filled massively in the physical just as the inconspicuous measurements. At the point when the endeavors, all things considered, to vanquish these negative energies were ineffective, compelled from Deity Brahma, Deity Dattatreya embodied at different spots in different structures to devastate the negative energies.

Celebration Mode

On Datta Jayanti, the Dattatreya Principle is multiple times more dynamic on Earth when contrasted with different days. On the off chance that we love Him on this day with most extreme commitment, we can acquire greatest profound advantage from the expanded Datta guideline.

It is a training to perform parayanas portrayed in Holy content of the Gurucharitra seven days before this festival. This is known as Gurucharitrasaptaha. Bhajan, pujan and uniquely kirtan are types of dedication common in Audumbar and Narsobawadi in Maharashtra and Ganagapur in Karnataka. These three are traveler spots of Deity Datta, where Datta Jayanti festivities have unique criticalness


Dattatreya Jayanti Timings to be observed

dattatreya - Datta Jayanti, Tuesday 29th December 2020, find my peace

Purnima Tithi Begins – 07:54 AM on Dec 29, 2020
Purnima Tithi Ends – 08:57 AM on Dec 30, 2020

Datta Jayanti Puja Benefits

According to the Dattatreya Upanishad, the lovers who notice and play out the quick and puja of Deity Datta just before Datta Jayanti are gave with a few gifts and advantages:

  • The enthusiasts get the satisfaction of all their material and abundance wants
  • Attain preeminent information just as the achievement of life’s points and objectives
  • The spectators dispose of their nervousness levels just as obscure feelings of trepidation
  • Eradication of the malefic planetary hardships
  • Elimination of the relative multitude of mental sufferings and furthermore genealogical issues
  • Helps in accomplishing upright ways throughout everyday life
  • Develops tendency towards otherworldliness


Dattatreya Beej Mantra

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