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8 Reasons for the Difficulties in Childbirth

8 Reasons for the Difficulties in Childbirth

Our readers have been following Astrology for past many years and sometimes readers are wondering that why they get Kashta (Difficulties) in their life. Not only that every Astrologer has a different way and medium to analyze a birth chart as per his experience and logical abilities backed by Shastra Gyan (Veda Literacy)

However I will try to elaborate the basic fundamentals of experiencing” Kashta or Difficulties” in one’s life in the following paragraph…

Kashta Phala (Problem causing pain/sorrows)

The Kashta Phala can be easily identified by using the Prashna and Hora charts. Here the placement of lord of the Hora chart will indicate the aspect of life troubling the mind. The Arudha Lagna will be the area of life problems relates to. If a malefic planet is in Arudha Lagna (Maya Peetha) and a benefic planet in Lagna (Satya Peetha), then be assured that that the problem is going to be solved quickly. Instead if a malefic is in lagna and benefic Arudha lagna, know that the problem is very deep rooted and perhaps quite difficult to solve. The lord of Hora shows the immediate cause of manifestation of the problem. The other rules can be learn from Prasna Marg or any other standard Astrological theory.

The 12 major reasons of problems/difficulties of childbirth in ones horoscopes comes with following yogas:

Curse Of Past Birth :

The deep rooted problems have been explained in the Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra where the curse that causes delay or denial in childbirth are indicated. These can also be suitably extendedto other houses. The principle is that the house, its lord as well as its natural significator should all be afflicted either together or separately by malefic.

These are as follows:

  • Curse of a Brahmin (Jupiter)
  • Curse of a serpents (Rahu)
  • Curse of Father (Sun)
  • Curse of Mother (Moon)
  • Curse of brother (Mars)
  • Curse Of Maternal Uncle (Mercury)
  • Curse of Wife (Venus)
  • Curse of Departed Soul (Saturn)

Here I have mentioned the major 8 reasons for delay/denial in childbirth. I will further elaborate all 8 reasons one by one in my further post/blogs, so that the readers can easily co-relate their issues of delay/denial in childbirth as per their horoscope.

Feel free to get in touch with me via mail or message through F.b for remedies and immediate relief, I will be happy to help you.

Hare Krishna!

Akash Sharma (Jyotish Adhyeta)

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