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Are You Born On Amavasya With Tithi Dosha?

Are You Born On Amavasya With Tithi Dosha?

Flaws in Quality Of Time

Maharishi Parashar has described the following birth time to be inauspicious as it indicates considerable turmoil for both the native and family. Irrespective of fine yoga’s obtaining in the chart, these moments are inauspicious for birth as well as starting any auspicious activity. These are broadly called dosha’s (flaw or fault in quality of time) and the it includes the following

  • Titihi Dosha
  • Karnadi Dosha
  • Nakshatra Dosha
  • Surya Dosha
  • Upgraha Dosha
  • Gandanta Dosha
  • Trideva Dosha

Out of these 7 (seven) dosha’s Amavasya falls under “ Tithi dosha”. Thithi is the vedic lunar day reckoned from the full moon or new moon where in each day is equal to a lunar transit of 120 from the sun. Therefore the birth in tithi like Amavasya is considered to be inauspicious.


This Tithi is ruled by Rahu and is considered very inauspicious as it brings poverty on the person as well as the family. It rules hell and brings untold misfortunes. A lady born in this Tithi is said to become a widow early. However, if suitable remedial measures are performed, then great wealth is obtained through foreign connections& trade, or from mines etc. from below the ground. A female born under such combinations also begets three sons after the remedial measures. Since Rahu afflicts the Sun & Moon, the remedies lies in worshiping them in the direction of Rahu (South-West)

Remedies For Amavasya Birth…

  • Chose a suitable place in south-west direction for worship.
  • Install a vessel (Kalash) containing Ganga water (Or any water from the holy place)
  • Use the Panch Pallav, leaves of the five plants Goolar (Wild Fig), Vata (Banyan), Pipal, Mango & Neem for vessel.
  • Install the idols of Sun & Moon near the vessel.
  • Worship the idols with the mantra “Apyayasva” for the moon and the mantra “Savita” for the Sun.
  • Thereafter perform a Yagna
  • The water from the vessel should be poured on the child born on Amavasya and parents.
  • Donate Gold, Silver & Black Cow.

For those who cannot perform this ritual is advised to install a simple water pot and worship the idols of Sun & Moon near it with the mantra’s. They can also worship Godess “Kali” the diety of Amavasya Tithi.

I hope I have addressed the topic and remedies well in consideration of our readers. My vision is to make our readers understand the topic and suggest day to day effective remedies. Do read my next article wich will be published soon

Hare Krishna!

Akash Sharma (Jyotish Adhyeta)

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