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April 25, 2020 Akshaya Tritiya 26 April , 2020

Akshaya Tritiya 26 April , 2020

Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akha Teej, is one of the most auspicious days of the Hindu calendar. It is known to bring good fortune, prosperity and luck. Every year, Akshaya Tritiya falls on the third day of brighter half in lunar month Vaishaksha. Akshay Tritiya is also known as Akha Teej.

This year, the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya falls on April 26, 2020. As per Hindu calendar this year, Akshaya Tritiya shubh muhurat will be of 6 hours and 23 minutes duration. Akshaya Tritiya shubh muhurat will begin at 06:13 AM and end at 12:36 PM. The Akshaya Tritiya tithi will commence at 11:51 AM on April 25, 2020, and will conclude at 01:22 PM on April 26, 2020. Get special Luxmi Kuber pooja done from our expert pandits.

Akshaya Tritiya Legend

As per legends, Lord Parshuram, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was born on Akshaya Tritiya. It is believed that individuals who worship Lord Vishnu on Akshaya Tritiya with pure devotion and dedication are blessed with peace, prosperity and good luck.

According to ancient Hindu mythology, Lord Sun gifted Akshaya Patra (pot) to Pandavs which was always full of food each day until Draupadi finished her meal. Once Rishi Durvasa visited Pandavas during their exile period. Draupadi had already eaten food by the time Rishi Durvasa arrived that day. With the fear that there was no food left to serve the sage, she started crying and prayed to Lord Krishna for help. Lord Krishna came and ate just grain left in the pot and announced that he was satisfied by the “meal”. This satiated the hunger of  Rishi Durvasa and his disciples.

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As per the Puranas, Yudhishthir had expressed it to Lord Krishna that he wants to know the significance of the Akshay Tritya. Hence, Krishna told him that it is a very auspicious day. On this day, those who bathe before the midday and perform Japa, Tapa, hawan will get very auspicious results. To get the best results get special pooja done by our Astrologers.

In ancient times, there was a poor and virtuous man, who had faith in the Gods. Being poverty-stricken, he used to stay very disturbed, somebody suggested him about Akshya Tritiya Vrat. Hence, he performed this fast very ritualistically like waking up early in the morning, bathing in Ganga River, worshipping the Gods, and giving donations. This man became the King of Kushavati in next birth. Thanks to the effects of those Atchaya Tritiya rituals, he became quite mighty and rich. On this day, donations, holy bath, Yajna, Japa, etc. give tremendous results. Akshaya Tritiya is a Sanskrit term. Akshaya means something which cannot be destroyed and Tritiya is the third date in the Hindu month.

Akshaya Tritiya Puja is not that difficult thing to do. One must observe fast on this day and wear yellow clothes. Worship lord Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi with yellow flower garland or just yellow flowers. Offer some food to God and then donate a part of it to the cows and the rest of it shall be consumed by the rest of the family members. Also donate food to the needy people, it will give great results. If it is difficult to keep the full day fast, one may take yellow Halwa, banana, or yellow sweet rice. Whatever amount of donation we would do today, its fruit will be multiplied by several times it’s a very ancient belief. Make sure you donate something as per your capacity.


Akshaya Tritiya Significance

  1. Bathing in Ganga also has special significance on this day. One who performs Ganga bath on this day, gets rid of all the negativities.
  2. One may perform Pitru Shradh on this day. Barley, wheat, grams, Sattu, curd-rice, things made of milk, etc. must be donated in the name of ancestors and after that, a Pandit (Hindu priest) must be offered food. Some people also believe that it is auspicious to buy gold on this day. As per the tradition, buying gold on Akshaya Tritiya is considered to bring health, wealth & fortune. This year, the best timing to buy gold on Akshaya Tritiya will be between 06:13 AM to 01:22 PM, April 26, 2020.
  3. On this day, Parashuram and Hayagreeva had incarnated.
  4. Treta Yuga had also begun on the very same day.
  5. The doors of Shri Badrinath Temple open on this day.

A list of activities which one should not perform during this day.

  1. One must not eat non veg food and consume alcohol.
  2. Since this day is very auspicious one must refrain from fighting or having arguments. Also it disturbs peace of mind.
  3. Couples must not come close this day as this day is highly significant for puja. Also staying away for one day wouldn’t matter much.

Perform special diety puja as per your horoscope to get the best results.We hope that this little piece of information will help you make the best out of this festival.

Happy Akshaya Tritiya!

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